10 Unusual Stocks Attracting Huge Interest This Morning


Photo: Esrah Boulton via Flickr

Global markets have rallied overnight on the news of a G7 currency market intervention to weaken the yen. The Nikkei surged, European markets are in the green, and U.S. futures indicate a positive open.There’s no resolution to the crisis in Fukushima, so expect those headlines to remain front an centre in traders’ minds today. Air strikes in Libya are likely to commence soon, and French officials have described them as imminent.

On a micro level, several small M&A deals have been announced overnight, including General Mills acquisition of Yoplait and Quest Diagnostics’ purchase of genetics testing firm Celera.

ACQUISITION: General Mills buys Yoplait for $2.2 billion.

Closing Price: $36.13

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ACQUISITION: Quest Diagnostics buys Celera for $344 million.

Closing Price: $54.20


FUKUSHIMA IMPACT: Six Sony plants, producing items like lithium-ion batteries, remain shut in the wake of the country's disaster.

Closing Price: $31.40

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FUKUSHIMA IMPACT: GE struggling to help plant operators solve reactor crisis; it built two of the reactors at the facility.

Closing Price: $19.22

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EARNINGS OUTLOOK: Barclays lowers Nike EPS estimates for 2011 and 2012.

Closing Price: $85.41

UPGRADE: Citi upgrades Janus Capital Group to hold from sell.

Closing Price: $11.67

UPGRADE: Deutsche Bank upgrades Siemens from hold to buy.

Closing Price: $125.66

DOWNGRADE: Morgan Stanley cuts price target on ROVI.

Closing Price: $54.42

PRE-MARKET DROP: Vodafone shares down in the pre-market.

Closing Price: $27.65

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PRE-MARKET SURGE: Celera shares up nearly 30% on takeover news.

Closing Price: $6.27

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