10 Unusual Stocks Attracting Huge Interest In The Pre-Market Right Now


Here’s where we see the heat today:

A gold company is getting killed for being hedged against gold, Novell could be bought out in two parts, some surprise M&A, and more…

BETTING THE WRONG WAY: AngloGold is trying to raise $1.37 billion in order to cancel hedges it has made AGAINST gold prices, the ADRs are falling

PHARMA CATALYST: GTx (GTXI) reports positive results on prostate cancer drug, shares rising.

The drug successfully causes 'medical castration.' Read about it here.

PHARMA CATALYST: Savient (SVNT) gout treatment looks successful, the company could now get bought out. Shares exploding in the pre-market.

DEAL ACTION: Novell could sell itself in 'two parts', shares up on high volume

PHARMA CATASTROPHE CONTINUES: Arena Pharma (ARNA) still slipping after yesterday's complete rout

A tricky situation for a company that is essentially a one-trick pony, but everything has its price. Read about it here.

BOOM: Cypress Bio gets cash offer for a buyout at $4.25 per share

BHP's BIG DEAL: Potash steady, but some investors have reiterated their rejection for a BHP buyout at the current price.

Read about the rejection here. Also, China said today that it received no applications from Chinese companies to try to buyout Potash (The government was trying to get Potash away from BHP) Read about that here.

DEAL ACTION: UT Starcom (UTSI) wins key China deal, shares are loving it

PHARMA MYSTERY: Orexigen (OREX) still slipping over concerns about one of its diet treatments

UNUSUAL ACTIVITY: Xenoport (XNPT) running after suffering a large loss yesterday

They did just file an 8-K, investigate it here.

PHARMA: Troubled BioCryst (BCRX) is steady, but they just reported fresh results from two cancer studies this morning

You be the judge. Read about it here.

WRONG RESULTS: Sonic (SONC) just reported sales results and fresh outlook, stock falling

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