10 Childish Ads That Show The Dramatic War Between Uber And Lyft

Uber and Lyft don’t like each other, even though they have supposedly had acquisition talks. The two are leaders in the on-demand ride service space, and they have been public about their disdain for each other.

Uber, led by bombastic CEO Travis Kalanick, has created multiple ads encouraging (and incentivizing) drivers to ditch Lyft.

Here are some of the craziest ads the companies have run in the very-public war against each other. An Uber spokesperson has not returned a request for comment to confirm authenticity for all the ads, but many of them have been previously reported by Reddit, Twitter, Business Insider, and other news outlets.

Uber posted this ad on Facebook, with a quote from a driver knocking Lyft's business. Lyft fired back and said that driver failed its safety test.

Uber has offered monetary rewards and electronics to Lyft drivers who switch over.

Here's another Uber ad making a similar promise to Lyft drivers.

Uber also ran the campaign on Twitter.

One of Uber's most aggressive anti-Lyft campaigns tells people to 'shave the stache,' Lyft's logo.

Lyft is also known for having its drivers and passengers fist bump. Uber attacked that too.

Here, Uber doesn't beat around the bush. 'Lyft sucks!' Its ad stated.

Uber also goes after city councils that won't let it operate, and taxi companies. Here, it's boasting cheaper rates than cabs.

Here's a similar ad that suggests Ubers are better than taxis.

Lyft has tried to battle back, using the fact that it's smaller than Uber as an advantage. But it's just not as good at the insults as Uber.

The war boils down to the people who are leading Uber and Lyft. In a Twitter spat, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick called Lyft's CEO a 'clone.'

Now check out why Uber hates Lyft so much:

Kalanick took what was left of his Red Swoosh team abroad for 6 weeks as a cost-saving and rejuvenating measure

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