The 10 Types Of Reddit Users Everyone Hates

fedora sandwich shirt

Reddit can be a great place to go for interesting content and good conversation. Most sections of the site, or “subreddits,” consistently feature entertaining and informative content.

But sometimes it draws in some people that are simply intolerable.

/r/MensRights gives some of the most sexist men on the web a place to vent. The atheist subreddit mostly consists of angsty teenagers ragging on Christians they know. 

We recommend giving such users (and the others mentioned in this post) a solid “downvote” whenever they pop up.

Fedora-wearing sexists. The line starts here, ladies.

European Redditors who take the time to remind everyone how awful America is whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Those guys who won't stop reminding us about the NSA... as if we've forgotten.

Commenters who act like they know what they're talking about when they clearly have no idea.

The anti-feminists on /r/MensRights

The unbelievably hypocritical members of /r/atheism. They demand tolerance unless that means tolerating people with religious views of any sort.

The Redditors who submit things to /r/fearme. These are indeed scary people.

Those Redditors who have to mention the site on everything they're linked to.

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