U.S. Markets Start Strong In 2011: Here Are The 10 Trades To Watch Right Now

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U.S. stocks reached two-year highs today following rallies in Asia and Europe.

  • DOW up 1.06%
  • NASDAQ up 1.83%
  • S&P 500 up 1.38%
  • DAX up 1.09%
  • CAC up 2.52%
  • FTSE down 1.19%

Financials on top followed by industrial goods

The Big Trade: Euro slips against the dollar reversing year-end gains

BIG LOSER: Expedia is down nearly 4% after dropping American Airline tickets

BIG LOSER: Urban Outfitters down 1.63%

BIG WINNER: Expedia rival Priceline.com is up more than 3%

BIG WINNER: America Airlines Corp. was up 1.28% following its removal from Expedia

ETF MOVER: Market Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals

INDEX FUND MOVER: All Country World Index

Crude oil contines rise

Silver hits 30-year high

What should you be thinking going into 2011?

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