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Great ideas never take shape by themselves. As every entrepreneur knows, there’s often a long road between the aha moment and a polished product.Networking events, however, can speed up the process by giving like-minded entrepreneurial folks the chance to bounce issues off each other and pitch their ideas to VCs.

Here you’ll find a list of conferences, meetups, and organisations to help you get started on meeting some terrific people. 

NY Tech Meetup

Where: New York, NY

When: First Tuesday of each month

At NY Tech Meetup, entrepreneurs, hackers, and investors get together to take a look at the latest and coolest technology businesses in New York City.

Presenters get five minutes to explain their company or product to the audience. The NY Tech Meetup is a great place for up and coming startups to introduce their latest projects and for industry insiders to get a preview of what's coming next on the web.

140 Characters Conference


Where: Seattle and cities including Baltimore, Boulder, Dublin, Sydney, and more

When: Generally four times a year

If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Since 2006, geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers.

Ignite was started in Seattle by Brady Forrest of O'Reilly Radar and Bre Pettis of Make. Since then hundreds of five-minute talks have been given across the world. Besides Seattle, Ignite communities have popped up in Portland, Sydney, Boulder, Baltimore, New York City and elsewhere.

CEO to CEO Breakfast Forum Series

Where: Seattle

When: Monthly

At the CEO to CEO Breakfast Forum, CEOs and business owners meet monthly to network over breakfast and learn from their peers in a non-selling environment.

The meeting includes a keynote speaker and table discussions following the presentation.

Lean Startup Circle

Where: Numerous cities such as Chicago, Boston, D.C. Illinois, New York, London, Los Angeles, and Nashville

When: Monthly

At Lean Startup Circles, entrepreneurs share ideas on developing products and markets based on the Lean Startup methodology, a concept developed by Steve Blank and refined by Eric Ries, who is the author of the blog, Startup Lessons Learned.

The Lean Startup methodology emphasises the idea of quickly rolling out prototypes, testing them on the market, and relying on customer feedback to fine-tune them.

Social Media Week

Where: San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, and other cities around the world

When: February and September

Hosted by local social media and digital gurus, Social Media Week features a series of lectures and networking events that are individually sponsored and occur all over each city.

It features top notch speakers and offers a wide variety of events dedicated to emerging media, mobile, and digital culture.

Entrepreneur Commons

Where: San Francisco and chapters around the world

When: Monthly

Based in San Francisco, Entrepreneur Commons is a network of entrepreneurs and VCs that provides peer-support. Entrepreneurs meet to share issues and discuss their current projects with other self-starters.

Entrepreneur Commons chapters have sprung up in several US cities, as well as England, Spain, Germany, and India.

Under30CEO.com Meetups

Where: 107 communities in the United States, Europe, India, and Thailand

When: monthly

Under30CEO.com's Meetup groups bring together young entrepreneurs of all ages -- usually at a bar -- where they can hang out, get to know each other and exchange ideas.

The Meetup groups currently have 238 members and meet in cities all over the world.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Where: New York, Istanbul, and Tokyo

When: Monthly in NY and bi-monthly in Istanbul and Tokyo

Entrepreneurs Roundtable is a global organisation that holds free events for investors and entrepreneurs. Each event features a VC/investor as the main speaker and presentations from startups.

During the Q&A session, the VC/investor gives feedback and advice to the startups that pitch their companies and ideas.

Startup Weekend:

Want to host your own networking events? Then don't miss:

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