10 Tips For Giving A World-Class Presentation

  • Practice in front of a large audience if possible.
  • Rhetorical questions make your arguments more persuasive. Use a lot of imagery. You can create an instant feeling of familiarity with an audience by using the word “we.”
  • There are a number of tips for being making a good first impression, being more persuasive and being more charismatic. Stand up straight to feel powerful and confident. We like people who are prideful. Guys, don’t be modest. Trying to seem smart makes you look stupid.
  • Gesturing helps you communicate better. Palm down gestures indicate power. Palm up shows submission. Pointing at something might make you look smarter.
  • Knowing your material isn’t everything. Presentation style is key. People prefer eloquence over honesty and confidence over expertise. Tone and body language are frequently far more important than what you actually say. When your message is counter-attitudinal fast talking is more persuasive. When preaching to the converted, slow speech is better.
  • Looking good matters. We make up our mind about someone in about 100 milliseconds. We assume attractive people are more similar to us and similarity is good. Quickest way to make yourself more attractive? Smile. And dress appropriately – what you wear affects how you act.
  • Expect that people will like you and they probably will. Feeling stressed? Ladies, drink coffee. Guys, don’t.
  • “Obscenity at the beginning or end of the speech significantly increased the persuasiveness of the speech and the perceived intensity of the speaker. Obscenity had no effect on speaker credibility.”
  • Take a second beforehand to imagine someone who is a great presenter. This alone can improve performance. Positive self-talk and positive mental imagery are potent preparation tools. You can learn a few things about top notch performance from the Navy Seals and the Army Rangers.
  • Still nervous? Faking it until you make it works.

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