After 4 years of nothing, 10-time Grammy winner Adele is finally making a coming back

Over four years after her record-breaking album “21” was released, Adele will make her return to the music scene in November releasing her newest album, Billboard reports.

Adele has reportedly been hinting at a new album for over a year.

The record, which is rumoured to be titled “25” will be her first album since 2011. Adele hasn’t released a song since her hit “Skyfall” in 2012, titled for the James Bond movie.

“21” was such a hit she set a record at the Grammy’s in 2012 capturing an astounding six awards. With “21” the British singer secured the greatest selling UK album of the millennium, according to The Guardian. The album also had incredible success in US sales, selling over 11 million copies.

Following “21” there were reports of the British singer suffering from vocal cord injuries, though there’s no actual word of whether or not that contributed to her four-year disappearance from the music scene.

Either way, if her next album is even half as successful as her first two, Adele will again have the music world in a tizzy.

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