10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

LlamaREUTERS/Enrique MarcarianWinamp’s mascot was a llama.

It’s almost the end of the week! Ready for some news?

These leaked deposition videos from the Snapchat lawsuit show the CEO saying one person ousted from the company might deserve something for his role in building the app.

Nokia’s new Windows tablet is pretty good if you like Windows 8.

Google now has its own prepaid debit card for Google Wallet.

Microsoft is selling t-shirts that claim Google steals your personal data.

Box appears to be raising $US100 million at $US2 billion valuation.

Winamp, a popular music player from the early 2000s, will shut down. Did you know the app’s mascot was a llama?

Instagram launched on Windows Phone yesterday, but it’s only in beta and missing a lot of features.

Here’s how Snapchat plans to make money.

Bill Gates will pay scientists $US100,000 to build a safer condom.

The Firefox browser is about to get a new look.

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