10 Things You Need To Know This Weekend

mark zuckerberg

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It’s the weekend! Hooray.Time to cozy up and read all the biggest tech stories you may have missed this week. Here are 10 stories in tech worth re-reading, or catching up on:

  • Facebook’s decision to clone Snapchat has bigger implications about the state of the company overall.
  • Here’s why Facebook’s CTO quit.
  • Top investors are all scrambling to invest in a startup called Chromatik.
  • This is the best thing to watch if you want to see what could happen when Apple makes a TV.
  • Windows 8 appears to be off to a very slow start, which is really bad for Microsoft.
  • This is the person Google put in charge of building an X Phone to kill Apple and Samsung.
  • Apple’s stock hit a new closing low — here’s a list of what’s killing the stock.
  • Fred Wilson warned his portfolio companies to ignore the ankle biters and just deliver results.
  • Google hired a man who plans to bring his father back to life.
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s sister freaked out when her private Facebook photo became public.