10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

leo apotheker hp

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Good morning! Huuuge news out of HP, let’s recap:

  • HP is spinning off its PC business which, along with printers, basically defines the company.
  • HP is killing its mobile platform webOS. HP says it’s not doing hardware and it’s going to try to sell or licence the software, but really, webOS is dead. (Maybe Facebook can buy webOS for a couple bucks, because they’re looking for a mobile platform.)
  • HP also bought enterprise software company Autonomy for $10.2 billion. Autonomy makes software that helps businesses make sense of their data, which is a huge and growing market. That, along with the PC spinoff, means HP is refocusing around enterprise software big time, which is new CEO Leo Apotheker’s background.
  • HP also reported earnings, which were ok, and explain HP’s moves: the PC business has been flat for years, but software is showing growth.
  • HP’s stock fell off a cliff, though.

In other news:

  • Evernote goes on a shopping spree, buys sketching app Skitch.
  • Is James Murdoch leaving News Corp?
  • GoodData, a big-data, business intelligence startup, raises $15 million from top-tier investors.
  • Facebook thinks it has solved comments for most websites. It might be right.
  • BONUS: Here’s who’s happiest about the HP situation.