10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Larry Page

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Larry Page officially takes over as Google CEO today.
  • The Engadget team leaves AOL en masse to start a new, competing tech blog.
  • Why Microsoft just can’t disrupt itself to compete in tablets.
  • Android is leaving everyone in the dust.
  • Craigslist is dead, it just doesn’t know it yet–here’s why.
  • StumbleUpon hits 800 million “stumbles” a month.
  • The iPhone 5 might have an 8 megapixel camera.
  • Hackers get the email addresses to plenty of customers of big companies.
  • The Huffington Post gets a scoop, and the NYT “aggregates” it without link or attribution.
  • BONUS: Taking a picture of taking a picture of taking a picture.
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