10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Bill Hader As Julian Assange

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Julian Assange’s extradition request has been approved.
  • The Launch 2011 conference, where a bunch of startups launch, is ON, and we’re there.
  • Microsoft says their software update went fine for 90% of phones.
  • JP Morgan closed a $1.2 billion fund to invest in digital media companies.
  • The first Motorola Xoom reviews are out! In a word? It’s basically as good as the iPad, but who cares because the iPad 2 is coming out in a month.
  • Disney bought social network for kids Togetherville.
  • Intel’s super-fast USB replacement is super-fast.
  • Google busted Overstock.com for search spam.
  • TheFacebook’s pitch to advertisers.
  • BONUS: What Tom Cruise really thinks about Twitter.
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