10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

mark zuckerberg

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s no surprise that Facebook’s new privacy policies are drawing flack, but perhaps it is a surprise just how much. According to BusinessWeek, 15 consumer groups are lining up against them.
  • We love this: the AP says the Internet Archive is planning to upload one million books online specifically for the blind and dyslexic.
  • In the middle of the Google-AdMob kerfuffle, good internet regulatory news! The FCC plans to reclassify broadband, opening the way to enforcement of net neutrality rules — Fred Wilson also has a great post on the topic this morning.
  • Motorola just bought a mobile OS company. Motorola has basically bet its future on the Android platform and its phones have been selling well, but Google is closer to hardware maker HTC. Are they planning to come out with their own platform (it would be DOA, in our opinion)? Just hedging their bets? It could also be a small acqui-hire of smart developers to work on unrelated software.
  • Also from BusinessWeek (is it us or have they gotten better since the Bloomberg acquisition?), a good feature about the process that led to Google’s new logo design.
  • If HP’s new laptops looked any more like MacBooks, they’d have a big Apple logo on them.
  • An outfit called ABI Research says half of TVs sold will have internet access by 2013.
  • Please, dear God, no: not another Yahoo! ad blitz.
  • In its struggle against growing irrelevancy, Sprint plans a big push in pre-paid phones.
  • Om Malik thinks it’s too late for Intel to win the mobile market.
  • Funny video of the day: Microsoft Office is scary!

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