10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Biggest news is still Twitter banning third party in-stream advertising.
  • Foxconn’s CEO finally speaks up about the spate of suicides at his company, an electronics supplier to Apple among others.
  • Looks like those acquisition talks between Yahoo! and Foursquare didn’t go well. Yahoo! just bought the “Foursquare of Asia.”
  • Speaking of Yahoo!, we’re sure you want to watch Carol Bartz tell Mike Arrington to “f*ck off.”
  • Yep, Apple’s next iPhone will have video chat.
  • Read our coverage of Microsoft’s shakeup of its entertainment division.
  • New York Times paywall news! Since its place in the online link economy may be its golden goose, it seems the NYT will make its paywall “blogger friendly.”
  • The digital/mobile payments space is heating up. Following in PayPal’s footsteps, MasterCard is opening up its platform to outside developers.
  • Scary video of the day: a new type of phishing attack that seems like any of us would fall for.
  • No funny video today, a funny Twitter account instead: @BPGlobalPR.

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