10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Startup 2010

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Today, our Startup 2010 conference kicks off! Speakers include Dennis Crowley and Nick Denton and the winning startup will get an investment from General Catalyst.
  • Rakuten, the Amazon-slash-EBay of Japan, just bought Buy.com, one of the big flameouts of the dotcom era, for a cool $250 million.
  • Bonjour! Apple finally opened the international versions of its iPad app store.
  • Graphic chips maker Nvidia is coming out with an Android tablet, and it seems pretty cool.
  • Leave Mark alone! The Facebook CEO is now being accused of securities fraud by the Winklevoss brothers, who earlier claimed he’d screwed them.
  • Urbanspoon just opened a restaurant reservation service, directly aiming at OpenTable, one of the few venture-backed IPOs in the aftermath of the, which is the leader in the space. 
  • Love it: the battle for the future of publishing rages on, with Amazon opening a publishing arm. Of course, where would be Amazon without Barnes & Noble trying to copycat them?
  • Google came out with a new location API which could be a game changed, First Round Capital partner Josh Kopelman argues.
  • New phones! Got thousands of dollars to spare on a tacky feature phone? Does Versace have something for you! If you’re looking for a phone that looks like it’s actually useful, check out LG’s Windows 7 phone.
  • Video of the day! Mashable has a cool video of apps and gadget demos from Google’s I/O conference.

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