10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Photo: Associated Press

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Adobe put out its response to Steve Jobs’ post bashing Flash
  • Microsoft’s cool-looking fold-open tablet Courier is dead…
  • … but Android and Windows 7 tablets are coming by June, according to Endgaget
  • Microsoft gets behind HTML5 and H.264, another nail in the coffin of Flash (and possibly Microsoft’s own Silverlight platform?)
  • The Nexus One (the so-called Googlephone) has had underwhelming performance in the marketplace, but its more advanced cousin the HTC Incredible is selling like hotcakes
  • Still diversifying away from its doomed browser business, Opera just bought an email company
  • Gowalla put out a slick-looking iPad app before Foursquare did. Are the Foursquare guys too busy raising money and negotiating acquisition offers?
  • Robert Scoble thinks “it’s too late to regulate Facebook” — in other words, privacy is dead, get over it already. On the other hand, perhaps Facebook’s new Instant personalisation feature could be a new “Beacon Moment.”
  • Apple is shutting down Lala.com, the streaming music site it acquired a little while back. Does this mean a streaming music service is coming from Apple?
  • Roger Ebert, the king of film critics, hates 3D movies.

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