10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Google I/O 2012

Good morning, here’s the news:

  • Larry Page revealed why his voice has grown softer: his vocal cords are partially paralysed.
  • Google is going to do a Spotify-style music streaming service.
  • It’s also revamping its Maps with all new features.
  • Yahoo’s CFO says Yahoo will be doing more advertising to attract young people. He also says Yahoo’s sale of half of its Alibaba stake was unfortunate.
  • Apple’s stock was suddenly crushed in the middle of the day yesterday.
  • Here’s why John McCain’s plan to unbundle cable is actually bad for consumers — cable companies will get their money, you’ll just get less in return.
  • The iPhone’s global market share is dead flat for the last two years.
  • AT&T predicted the future in 1993, with these ads.
  • You can see the evolution of the iPhone’s camera quality through the years in these photos.
  • Tesla could be banned in North Carolina.

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