10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Tech

motorola moto x with woman holding it

Good morning.


  • Google will reveal the Moto X this morning, and we’ll find out if Google’s $12.5 billion bet on Motorola has paid off.
  • Apple is ordering the parts it needs to sell an iPad Mini with a “retina” screen this year, says the WSJ.
  • The valuation expert who said Facebook was a buy at $18 now says it’s a sell at $38.
  • Hulu’s subscription service will work on Google’s dongle for TVs, Chromecast.
  • E-commerce site Fab says it raised another $10 million, this time from Asian investors. That brings Fab’s total amount raised to $320 million.
  • Sony says smartphone sales helped it reach profitability last quarter. Barely. Sony was just $35 million in the black.
  • “Pinterest’s┬áhead of engineering Jon Jenkins gave a surprisingly candid look at the past and future of Pinterest journey to build the interest graph.”
  • Google was going to make a privacy option for “tin-foil hat wearers” but decided not to in order to protect Google+.
  • Analysts are telling HTC it needs to merge with a larger Chinese company.
  • The competition is heating up in China. “Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has confirmed that it has suspended all WeChat marketing applications from its shopping sites Taobao marketplace and Tmall.com”

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