10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Check your weird Royal fantasies. Picture: HBO

Friday! It’s good to have you back.

1. The Aussie dollar and iron ore are both enjoying a good run. The Aussie is close to breaking above US79 cents this morning for the first time since September, and iron ore is now at its highest level since August 22. Even oil is breaking multi-year highs, sending US stocks onwards and ever upwards. ASX Futures for March are up 7 points.

2. You’ve probably seen that royal warrant on sauces and pickles and teas and wondered if it actually means anything:

Picture: Supplied

It does, because you can lose it. Especially if your warranted service is fitting the Queen with a bra, and you go and tell the world about it in a memoir. Like lingerie brand Rigby & Keller just did after a former owner, June Kenton, wrote about her visits to Buckingham Palace for fittings, and how she gave Princess Di posters of lingerie models for William and Harry’s rooms at Eton.

3. And if you’ve been enjoying the royal marriage meltdown on the new series of The Crown on Netflix, here’s a lovely set of pics which show how much the two are deeply committed to each other. Those jokes never got old, even after 70 years:

Queen smilingPicture: Getty Images

Sweet. Here’s what the body language experts say.

4. If you work in a Sydney office during spring, you probably spent your weekends at home avoiding the rain that cruelly disappeared every Monday morning. But you also probably didn’t have this to hoon around in:

Photo: Paul Colgan

Paul Colgan did. It’s Aston Martin’s new V12, twin turbo, 600 brake horsepower DB11, and it wasn’t too hard to get sideways. Allegedly, maybe, if accidentally. But it almost certainly is turning things around for the British auto icon.

5. The woman tasked with overseeing children’s wellbeing in England has told parents to ban their kids from using Snapchat due to its “addictive” nature. And because mobile phones are a nightmare in the hands of kids. Just ask the seven young adults who posed as high school students the A&E documentary series “Undercover High”. Even though some of the undercover kids had barely been out of school for five years, they said mobile phones posed a much bigger problem than most parents would realise.

6. Google has quietly acquired a small British startup that has developed advanced haptic feedback technology. Namely, the magic trick “When You Go To Press A Touchscreen Button And The Button Feels Like It Is There”. James Cook got to try it last year when he visited the startup, Redux ST in a cramped, hot, hotel room in Barcelona, and he was impressed. Here’s how they do it, and what Google might do with it.

7. Credit Suisse explored the concentration of wealth in bitcoin and found this:

Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 10.35.32 AMCredit Suisse

That’s 97% of all bitcoins being held by 4% of addresses. If you want to get some the easy way, the US government is selling a haul of BTC you probably used to own before the dodgy exchange which held it for you was shut down. They’ve got 3,813 bitcoins up for grabs in an auction, and you’ll need to put down a bid of at least $US1.4 million.

8. Sadly, it looks like the golden age of crypto trading may already be over, now bitcoin seems to have steadied for the best part of a month now. So if you’re shuffling back to stuffy old stocks, here’s Goldman Sachs with 13 companies it reckons will see profits explode higher in 2018. And if IPOs are your thing, the ASX has 13 coming up before the end of the month. Here’s your Hot or Not guide to those.

9. No, no, no and no:

Hollis Johnson

It doesn’t matter how many new flavours Coke tries to introduce, as long as they’re called “Coke”, they’re expected to taste like Coke. We still tried them anyway, and found two actually weren’t awful.

10. Sales of potassium iodide or KI pills, which are often marketed as protecting the body from radioactive fallout, are soaring in the US. They generally spike after the US President tweets things like this:

But here’s why potassium iodide pills are probably a waste of money, and what nuclear war preppers should spend their money on instead.

BONUS ITEM: Sydney spring weather or not, you’ll never be as bored as this girl:

Have a great day.

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