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1. There’s talk of a Brexit exit. German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told Bloomberg that Britain would be welcomed with “open doors” if it decides to reverse its plans to leave the EU. Jeremy Corbyn was given a hero’s welcome from Labour MPs as he told them they could soon be in government. And former Brit PM John Major reckons a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party will risk the return of violence to Northern Ireland.

2. To markets, where US interest rate markets are fully priced for a hike, taking Fed funds target up to 1.00-1.25%. US stocks snapped a two-day slide to close at fresh record highs, and even the ASX rallied yesterday. Futures traders are cautiously optimistic before today’s opening bell. Westpac Consumer Sentiment is out today, the Aussie dollar is in a holding pattern and iron ore is tumbling. Again.

3. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is on indefinite leave to work on “Travis 2.0” in order to lead “Uber 2.0”. Sadly, it’s also in part to deal with the sudden loss of his mother. Here’s his email to staff on the same day as the results of a four-month investigation into Uber’s workplace culture dropped and the healing started with the “War Room” being renamed the “Peace Room”. Then employees were asked to “stand up and give each other a hug”. Here’s the 13-page report.

4. And here’s the extraordinary moment on the same day when Ariana Huffington told Uber’s board members a woman was joining the board, and one member responded with a sexist joke about all the extra talking they would all now have to deal with.

5. As the founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, Jonah Peretti knows a few things about how ideas spread and take hold among huge swathes of the population. Here he is talking about the rise of populist politics:

It’s tied to real issues, but there hasn’t been a massive shift or slowdown to globalisation or policies that are essentially tied to global capitalism and global exchange of ideas and things like that. I think there’s a sense in which the larger trend is still towards people being more connected globally, but that that is causing a huge amount of frustration and is upsetting large percentages of the population, which is causing election results that would have been surprising five years ago….
The strongest nationalistic pushes have been older people who are feeling left behind. I think some of this is generational, and some of this is just the pace of change being so quick that it’s hard for people to adjust and it can be unsettling.These nationalist movements are very globalised in terms of where they’re getting their information. There’s an interesting paradox in it which is nationalistic movements learning from nationalist movements in other countries and coordinating.

Peretti took some time to speak with BI Australia editor-in-chief Paul Colgan on his recent visit to Sydney and discussed this as well as the rise of AI and his experience taking BuzzFeed global. The whole conversation’s here.

7. With 15 seconds left, the Warriors had the NBA title in the bag against the Cavs yesterday, leading by 12 points. Then this happened:

J.R. Smith’s casual three-pointer meant the final score was pretty much exactly how the bookies called it… and it cost gamblers across the US millions. Warriors fans can chalk up the win to coach Steve Kerr finally unleashing the “death lineup”, but LeBron James at least proved something – he’s still the best player on the planet.

6. Xbox boss Phil Spencer took the time to tell us why at $649, the Xbox One X is a bargain. But it was Nintendo’s turn to shine at E3. Here’s all you need to know about the new Mario game, a proper Pok√©mon game and an official Mario Kart game designed entirely for VR.

8. Elsewhere on the planet, Dennis Rodman may or may not have helped release a US student from North Korea who has been in a coma for a year. Otto Warmbier got 15 years in jail for essentially trying to steal a poster for a hotel, came down with botulism after his trial, took a sleeping pill, and has not woken up since. Rodman’s trip was sponsored by a cryptocurrency for the legal marijuana industry, Potcoin. Its value soared by 97% almost immediately.

9. Tim Cook finally admitted there was a “major disruption looming” in autonomous driving and confirmed the worst-kept secret in Silicon Valley – that Apple was working on AI to drive a car. Here’s why that, according to Matthew DeBord, is a potentially disastrous pivot for Apple.

10. Bachelor fans, we know you’re out there. And we know you’re devastated at the thought the latest series of Bachelor in Paradise is in the middle of scandal that could cancel the show. But there’s a very serious reason why, and it involves a sexual encounter, a drunken consent issue, and possibly Corinne Olympios.

BONUS ITEM: Hold onto your breakfast:

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