10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

You’re as cooold as ice. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. First up, the draw for the Rugby World Cup in 2019 means England is out early again:

2. Now for the news. There are conflicting reports FBI director James Comey asked for more resources to investigate the Trump campaign’s suspected ties to Russia just days before he was fired. White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Comey had committed “atrocities”. Sean Spicer literally hid in the bushes to avoid talking about it all. And some experts say Comey’s firing could be “bigger than Watergate”. Trump says:

3. But it was Vladimir Putin who stole the Comey show. On his 63rd birthday, he scored seven goals in a 15-10 win against ice hockey legends. Seven.

But all the talk was about the moment CBS caught him heading out for a game, asked how he felt about Comey’s firing, and got an unflustered reply about how many effs Russia gave.

4. Volatility is staying on trend for 2017, and markets remain subdued, but oil gave them a bit of a boost overnight. Inventories in the US fell by 5.25 million barrels against a 1.78 million forecast. The Aussie dollar held its ground amid some US dollar weakness overnight, but is suddenly smashing the Kiwi. And the Shanghai Composite continues its downward spiral, but ASX200 SPI Futures for June are 12 points up heading for today’s opening.

5. Snap has taken a big hit after its first earnings report. The most worrying figures were the slowdown in user growth and a hefty net loss of $US2 billion during the quarter. Evan Spiegel turned up for a rare live chat about things, and performed well enough considering he’d lost about $1 billion as stock slid 20% on the call. And millennials, already taking hits with AMD on trading app Robinhood, are now feeling the heat on their third most-traded stock.

6. Elon Musk revealed today a Tesla Solar Roof will cost about $US235 ($319) per square metre. That’s pushing $70,000 for the average Australian home. But Musk says the tiles will also give you “the best looking house in the neighbourhood”. And they’re so tough, Musk offers a warranty:

“The lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.”

We just love his “But wait, there’s more” schtick:

7. Tales of Johnny Depp’s spending habits are almost as entertaining as his best performances. Here’s an update from his court case with his former managers who have detailed how he’s burned through the estimated $US650 million he’s earned so far. And how it was someone’s job to stake out his Queensland house and let directors of the new Pirates of the Caribbean flick know when he finally rolled out of bed.

8. Three dead great white sharks washed up on the same patch of beach off the coast of South Africa rceently. And the fact each of them are intact apart from having had their livers surgically removed has marine biologists thinking only one creature could be responsible. Orcas.

9. Some 15 years after it “opened”, people are still just drifting in to live in Ordos. We have some surreal new photos from inside a China’s largest ghost city. And drone footage of somewhere much more promising as work gets under way on Malaysia’s $100 billion “Forest City” paradise.

10. Everyone loves The Rock. But would everyone love US President The Rock? GQ asked Dwayne Johnson if it were something he’d consider and he replied: “I think that it’s a real possibility.”

BONUS ITEM: Revolting video of a spurting clam is revolting:

Have a great day.

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