10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Nuclear capability with a ‘God’s-eye view’. Image: Lockheed Martin

Hello, Friday.

1. To markets, where the Trump rally really looks to have lost its steam. The FTSE may have continued its record winning streak but in the US, bonds rallied and stocks came off a bit, with the Dow down 0.33%. The weakening in the US dollar has seen the Aussie lift against it, and it popped back above 75c overnight. The iron ore rally, meanwhile, persists. SPI futures are pointing to a modest fall when the Australian share market opens.

2. George Soros reportedly lost around $US1 billion in trading after the Trump win. The legendary investor was bearish after the US election result and while the rally may have lost steam, as noted above, the big moves across assets were not the kind you wanted to be on the wrong side of at the time.

3. The march of populism isn’t over. Look:

“There is now sufficiently widespread backing for global populism,” says Oxford Economics, “that at least one further victory in a major economy is very likely in the next year or so, our analysis of populist policies and support in 20 large economies shows.” More here.

4. The F-35 can carry nukes. It would “definitely be possible” to deploy B-61 nuclear bombs using the aircraft, according to a senior US Air Force general. And the helmet gives pilots a “God’s-eye view” of the world.

5. Peter Dutton’s dinner. The immigration minister is the latest senior politician to have his use of taxpayer funds come under scrutiny, specifically over a $4000 dinner at the Jefferson hotel in Washington D.C. “Mr Dutton and his guests enjoyed two bottles of Far Niente chardonnay at $US80 a pop, three bottles of Chappellet cabernet sauvignon Mountain Cuvee at $US75 each and two bottles of Mark Ryan cabernet blend at $US68 each,” reports the SMH. Expect to hear it was “within the rules”. Sigh.

6. How Gen Z uses smartphones. So, it turns out it’s really important to “send a KTS to your streak list” on a daily basis. Prime time for social posting is 7.30pm to 8pm. If your Instagram post gets less than 40 likes, you’d delete it from embarrassment. SMS has been displaced by Snapchat and Instagram stories are “pointless”, according to three Gen Z girls we spoke to about their media habits. (Spoiler: they “don’t get Twitter”.)

7. Don’t call General James Mattis “Mad Dog” if you know what’s good for you. Trump’s pick for defence secretary made it clear during his confirmation hearing overnight that he hates the nickname. In the Marines, however, he’s sometimes known as the “Warrior Monk” because he’s a lifelong bachelor and avid reader. His call sign in Iraq and Afghanistan was “Chaos”, and you can call him that to his face.

8. Meanwhile, he has some interesting views on security policy, including Russia. Mattis believes the US needs to be more aggressive against ISIS, and has “modest expectations” of co-operation with Russia, as he believes Vladimir Putin is “trying to break” the NATO alliance apart. He also notes the absence of doctrine on cyber warfare.

9. Nicole Kidman thinks it’s time to rally around Donald Trump and show him more support. “I just say, [Trump’s] now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever’s the president because that’s what the country’s based on,” said Kidman, who has dual US and Australian citizenship.

10. If you were interviewing with LinkedIn’s head of recruiting, the first thing he’d do would be to hand you a marker, direct you to a whiteboard, and get you to explain something you’re passionate about. “Because it’s a situation that’s a bit ambiguous, they’re going to have to be really spontaneous,” Browne said. It also shows how candidates handle ambiguity.

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