10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Australia will go to the polls again, on February 11 – if Labor chooses to support the Turnbull government’s plans for a plebiscite vote into same-sex marriage. If it does, both “yes” and “no” campaigns will get $7.5 million each to fund their campaigns, on top of the $160 million it will cost to run the vote. Here’s how it will work.

2. To markets, and the rally didn’t happen yesterday, with the ASX 200 whittled down despite some good news on the economy. The CBA didn’t help, falling to a three-year low and there’s probably more dips to come, with the SPI 200 down 11 points overnight. Here’s Greg McKenna’s chart showing the local’s inability to regain 5600, then 5500, then 5400 and now 5300:

SPI 200 (MT4, AxiTrader)

The outlook has darkened.

3. The super for your future? Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes has invested in a new super fund which is focused on getting millennials involved in saving for the future. Rather than stuffy old banking and mining stocks, it will invest in Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, and tech-savvy millennials will be able to join through a “mobile app”. It’s so futuristic, it’s even called Spaceship.

4. The UK has a new £5 note that is 100% waterproof. Bank of England governor Mark Carney wanted to make sure everyone knew it was waterproof, so he dipped one in a big pot of curry to prove it:

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He could have said “it’s waterproof” and everyone would have believed him.

5. The iPhone 7 is out, hands have been wrung and the annual “upgrading to iOS xxx is breaking old phones” stories are trundling out. But what’s it even like? Steve Kovach, self-confessed Galaxy 7 fan, has the definitive review you’ve been looking for.

6. Smackdown, literally. Who was the best drug lord – Pablo Escobar, or “El Chapo”?

7. Mark Serrels spoke to a really smart guy – a doctor – who thinks the world is flat. The doctor says he’s not crazy, and Serrels says he believes him. What follows is a truly great post about how the delusions of conspiracy theorists take hold and how it affects everyone close to them. And while we’re on that, a huge study of studies came out at midnight which proves fluoridated water is not making Australian kids dumber.

8. North Korea is pushing its luck with bigger and more accurate nuclear tests. But South Korea has put a note out to the world basically saying “we got this”. Its Defence Ministry made public the existence of something called “KPMR” – Korea Massive Punishment & Retaliation, which is “aimed at wiping a certain section of Pyongyang completely off the map”. Here’s a South Korean military source:

“Every Pyongyang district, particularly where the North Korean leadership is possibly hidden, will be completely destroyed by ballistic missiles and high-explosive shells as soon as the North shows any signs of using a nuclear weapon.”

But here’s why “decapitation strikes” aren’t wise.

9. The world’s largest pyramid is not in Egypt. It’s in Puebla, Mexico, and if you’re wondering how it compares to the great one in Giza:

But you mightn’t have heard of the great pyramid of Cholula, because it’s ridiculously hard to find.

10. Aussie golfer Jason Day will make $US10 million a year whether he wins tournaments or not. That’s because he’s just been signed up to wear the Nike swoosh. And he’s probably a lot keener to do so now that he also doesn’t have to use Nike sticks as part of the deal, because Nike are, uh, getting out of golf?

BONUS ITEM: Intelligence test – how many black dots can you see?

Be honest, then find out what that means for you.

Have a great day.

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