10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Picture: US Navy/Twitter

Good morning.

1. Markets, with some liftoff. It was solid night for stocks in the US and Europe, with the DAX and S&P in particular besting or closing in on some important technical levels. But the ASX is having a cracking week, finally catching up with offshore moves and with SPI 200 futures up 38 points, the ASX200 has a shot at 5100 today. Greg McKenna has this chart which suggests a 110-point rally isn’t out of the question:

SPI 200 Daily (MT4, AxiTrader)

2. Iron ore’s pushed through the $60 level and the Aussie dollar is champing at the bit for the release of today’s fantasy jobs figures from the March employment report. The NAB reckons it will be a blockbuster – David Scutt has the skinny on what to expect here.

3. Here’s what it looks like when Russian attack jets fly dangerously close to a US Navy ship:

Note the US crewman: “He is on the deck. On the deck, below the bridgeway.” So even though this happened in international waters off Russia, that jet in particular could be seen to have been simulating an attack. Practice makes perfect.

4. Here’s where the name Rolex really came from, in case you were wondering. You might consider it more, or less, interesting than you may have thought.

5. Thousands of crabs are on the move in the Pacific. Dip your toe in:

And scientists don’t know where they’re headed or why.

6. While that looks like an underwater alien world, there’s a real one just 628.3 million kilometres away. At least, NASA and ESA hope so, because they’re spending $2 billion to send an orbiter to Europa, one of Jupiter’s 67 moons, sometime in 2022. They’ve picked Europa because the Galileo spacecraft identified it as likely to have an ocean under its thick crust of ice. And where there’s ocean, there could be life.

7. The world’s first virtual reality selfie taken with a selfie stick has been taken. It went something like this:

Facebook Schroepfer selfie
This virtual selfie made waves at Facebook’s F8. Facebook/Mike Schroepfer

Underwhelming, right? But when Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer showed it in action at Facebook’s F8 developer conference last night, the crowd went nuts. And rightly so, because from all reports, it was an incredibly slick example of using VR as a “teleporter” and taking a stroll through the streets of London from your San Francisco office.

8. The best version of you. Experts reckon it takes just three seconds for someone to decide whether they like you and want to do business with you. So we found one expert to tell us the two important ways to make a great impression. And that expert was Dr Phil, from off the telly.

9. “Game of Thrones” starts in 10 days. In the UK, it airs at 2am. So if you’re a fan of the hit HBO series in the UK, the best workplace for you is creative tech agency +rehabstudio. Here’s a screenshot shared on LinkedIn of their employee handbook:

The +rehabstudio employee handbook. Emma Willis/LinkedIn

That’s a perk. And here’s how they make Danaerys’s dragons breathe real fire, which includes burning real actors.

10. PR gone murderous. There are parts of Mexico – Ciudad Juarez, for example – where you just stay inside and keep your head down. But if you must venture out, make sure it isn’t at 5.45pm. That’s because, according to Tom Wainwright, author of “Narconomics” and the Economist’s former reporter in Mexico City:

“…cartels time their murders at exactly that moment in order that they can lead the 6pm evening news bulletin.”

There’s more amazing stories about narco culture here.

BONUS ITEM: Melted cheese is the eighth wonder of the world. You won’t see a more fascinating, horrible, delicious video today:

That’s from Raclette NYC, which specialises in heating wheels of Swiss cheese and scraping them off onto your formerly healthy veggies and charcuterie. Sigh.

Have a great day.