10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

This changes everything. Picture: Marvel

Friday! Get in!

1. First, to markets, which went haywire overnight after the ECB fired a bazooka and cut rates. But then ECB president Mario Draghi said further rate cuts may not be necessary and the euro lifted again. And the US didn’t really care at all, so SPI 200 futures are not too far from home with a small gain of just 3 points so far. The Aussie dollar is still hanging tough in the mid 74 cents region and even iron ore is behaving itself again.

2. A new iPhone is 10 days away. Here’s Apple’s invitation to the press:

It’s almost certain we’ll see 4-inch iPhone to replace the 5S, a 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 and possibly a new Watch. But what does the “loop” reference mean? Some think the mini iPhone will have a loop strap, or it might just be a new band for the Watch. We reckon it has something to do with wireless earbuds.

3. Chart of the day is this handy cut-out-and-keep from JP Morgan. It shows you how much you should have saved up for your retirement by now. If realising how far short you are makes you get a bit sweaty, get back on track by making sure you’re not falling for these five lies about money that are keeping you in debt.

4. Or you could tighten your belt, like IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad does. Your secondhand belt, because despite being a billionaire, Kamprad admits he’s “thrifty” and

5. The World Cup T20 began in India and no one saw it. Ticket prices to Scotland v Zimbabwe ranged between $2 and $4, yet:

That may have been because if fans hadn’t bought tickets online (and they couldn’t because the network was borked), they couldn’t buy tickets at the gate. For some reason, they were being handed out at another stadium 20km up the road. But that wasn’t even the biggest farce of the day. This was:

6. Do you love food? So do we! But we might have to stop eating so much of it, or there won’t be any planet left to grow it on. At a time when CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels are slowing down, here’s a couple of scientists trying to warn us that we’re taking our eye off the ball when it comes to the greenhouse gases emitted when we grow food.

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7. You need a holiday. And to make it an even better holiday, here are 16 apps that make all the hard bits of travel so much easier, including one that shows you where all the free wifi is and one that does all your packing for you.

8. This is a real plane, with real weapons:

Picture: Northrop Grumman

Crazy, huh? There are nine more where that came from, in this collection of the most game-changing aircraft of the 21st century.

9. The new season of “Game of Thrones” sees the series finally venture past where George RR Martin has got up to in the books. So without that to lean on, fans have started to get wild when it comes to predicting what’s in store when it all kicks off on April 24. Here are the nine most popular theories so far.

10. Speaking of strange relationships, here’s a recap of one of the most intriguing of our time, that between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. From cautious allies to bitter rivals to almost friends — or sometimes, all three at the same time – it’s always a fascinating recap when watching their respective companies evolve.

BONUS ITEM: Who would win out of a fight between a spider and an ant? Here’s your next “Captain America: Civil War” trailer:

Black Panther! Have a great weekend.

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