10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Royal wedding bells. Squee! Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. Finally, somebody said it:

And immediately, Lockheed Martin shares slid on that market-moving presidential (elect) tweet. In total, the military has spent roughly $US1.5 trillion on the development of the F-35 – overshooting the original budget by 50%. But at $US100 million apiece, they’re still cheaper than Trump’s Boeing 747 which one clever fellow noted, doesn’t “have to survive being shot at”.

2. While we’re on things aeronautical, NSW finally made a decision on its second airport, 30 years after the Hawke government chose Badgerys Creek. And the decision is… Badgerys Creek! Here’s your first look at the $3 billion airport and here’s a map of how the runway will sit. But the government is leaving it up you, the people of NSW, to speculate what that means about flight paths and your precious real estate.

3. The Trump rally took some time out. Stocks and most forex markets turned red overnight – even the US dollar – just as Andy Kiersz tried to make sense of it all in these 13 charts outlining why US stocks have been on a tear since Trump’s win. Gah. Only oil popped higher after Russia and Saudi Arabia sealed their first deal in 15 years to cut production. The wash-up is that futures traders on the ASX have marked the December contract down 23 points suggesting a weak open when trade begins this morning.

4. These charts are better. It’s Citi’s brilliant “12 charts of Christmas” and they win today because they kicked it off with a classic bad Photoshop job:

Image: Citi

5. Astronomers think they might have found a black hole just like the one in Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”. A bright flash seen in 2015 was originally thought to be a supernova, but after studying it further, it’s more likely to be a star that wandered too close to a spinning black hole, and got spaghettified.

6. Early reviews of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” are in, and everyone who got to see Episode 4.5 reckon it’s amazing, better than “The Force Awakens”, and gritty. Here’s Moby:

You just can’t buy that kind of PR.

7. If you’re running out of space on your iPhone, it’s probably because you tightened up and bought the 16GB version. Here’s how to clear out as much storage as possible, quickly.

8. Here are 11 signs you’re about to get a holiday bonus. Merry Christmas.

9. They’re calling it the sweetest knockout in boxing history:

That’s Jermall Charlo doing it right to retain his IBF junior middleweight world title and Julian ‘J Rock’ Williams wondering where all his opponent’s fists went.

10. The Royal Family has issued its second official statement in as many months. News outlets claim Prince Charles wants his nieces Eugenie and Beatrice to focus on their careers. (Beatrice reportedly just left her job at a New York investment firm.) Their dad, Prince Andrew, is accused of fighting with Charles and just wanting his daughters to be more princessy. Here’s Andrew’s statement – released on Twitter – saying it isn’t so.

And Pippa Middleton will get to star in her own wedding soon, instead of stealing her sister’s. She’s marrying multi-millionaire hedge fund manager James Matthews and Kate won’t be a part of the wedding party.

BONUS ITEM: 12 sleeps:

Have a great day.

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