10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Finally, Friday.

1. Down to work. Donald Trump went to the White House to shake hands and shoot the breeze with Barack Obama. There’s a couple of great moments. This one of Trump’s plane getting a water gun salute which just screems “Oh god it’s real now”:

And his one where Obama looks like he’s about to grip the Trump hand, hold onto it slightly longer than necessary, look deep into the Trump eyes and tell him, through the grimace: “Now, don’t f… it up”:

Picture: Getty Images

Obama had one piece of advice for Trump: “A good rule”, he said, is “don’t answer any questions” when press shouts them out. Trump got to practice that soon after.

2. The world reacts. Mathias Dopfner has two scenarios for how this will play out now. The less likely one involves things being better than expected, the worst case has a lot to do with Trump’s “disturbed narcissistic personality”. Also:

3. Markets are so far defying all of the doomsday predictions.The Dow hit an all-time high, for starters. Strangely, the ASX today didn’t get the memo. Futures traders currently have the December SPI 200 contract market down 8 points. And they still have no idea what to do with the Australian dollar.

4. Here’s a great message for all Americans planning to move to Canada. If you think your country’s broke, it’s your duty to stay and fix it. “YOU DON’T GET TO LEAVE”:

5. Ever thought about getting an IUD? Business Insider is there for you. Five of our reporters and editors did and it’s pretty much top marks all round from them. Here’s what to expect.

6. Westworld, Jurassic Park – whatever you want to call it, you know a dinosaur theme park is going to be hilarious if the Japanese are involved. And they didn’t disappoint at last night’s launch:

The dinosaurs are genuinely freakishly real.

7. Got a coworker who you never really argue with, but always makes you feel like you’re on trial? They might be undermining you – here are 14 other signs to watch out for. And if it’s stressing you out, here’s some advice for how to deal with that from the psychologist who trained US Navy SEALs.

8. If you think 2016 is the worst year ever, here’s a list to make you feel awesome. It’s all the Good Things That Happened in 2016, from 70,000 Muslim clerics declaring a fatwa against ISIS, to Pokemon Go players luring pocket monsters close to children’s hospitals so sick kids could catch them. Life is good.

9. When to buy a new laptop is a curly one. Your brain says wait for the price drop, but your heart wants the shiny new thing. Matt Weinberger is sold though. He’s pretty comfortable saying $4000-odd isn’t too much to pay for Microsoft’s new powered up Surface Book. It does it all.

10. Friday is podcast day. In this week’s episode, our editor-in-chief Paul Colgan is joined by Gregory Robinson, founder of executive search and recruitment firm Blenheim Partners. He told us how to find and keep great staff. Grab it on iTunes or listen in below:

BONUS ITEM: Right on cue, Vader appears:

Have a great weekend.

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