10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Can Stormtroopers actually be a bit sexy? Picture: Disney

Fridays all round. Get in.

1. Atlassian is live on the NASDAQ. Here’s cofounder Mike Cannon-Brookes firing up the machine at 1.30am AEDT:

And it’s boom time so far. The Aussie software collaboration gurus originally priced their IPO at $US3.8 billion at the high end, but a solid first day which saw shares shift quickly to $US27 from $US21 has it sitting around a $US5.6 billion valuation. So a big well done, chaps – you’ve earned that extra $600 million each you’ve made in the past ooh, seven hours.

2. “China’s Warren Buffett” is missing. 48-year-old Guo Guangchang is worth an estimated $9.5 billion. Among lots of other things, his investment group, Fosun, owns Club Med and Cirque du Soleil. Fosun’s CEO told Bloomberg the company was “handling” the situation, but Guo’s social media account has been wiped, and that’s never a good sign. Especially if, like Guo has, you’ve been named in a Chinese corruption case.

3. To the markets, and the ASX – where Atlassian isn’t – is slowly grinding its way toward an overall loss this year. Not even the banks are helping out, after having a shocker yesterday and eyeing another strong jobs report which in turn points to a less likely chance of a rates cut. So the ASX has lost 2.2% this week and overnight futures traders have been left a little cold with the price 6 points lower overnight.

4. A couple of things which might not be real, but are still great. Sylvester Stallone posted this vid on Twitter of Michael B. Jordan getting knocked out while shooting a scene for “Creed”:

And Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” has reportedly declared war on ISIS after it destroyed some of his Sinaloa Cartel’s drug shipments moving through the Middle East. Here’s part of his rant from a “leaked email” held by website CartelBlog:

“My men will destroy you. The world is not yours to dictate. I pity the next son of a whore that tries to interfere with the business of the Sinaloa Cartel. I will have their heart and tongue torn from them. It looks like it’s on.”

5. There’s only seven days left for Disney to release the remaining footage of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that hasn’t been seen yet before it becomes the most lucrative film in box office history. They squeezed a few more unseen scenes onto the internet last night with the release of this trailer in China. If JJ Abrams has made one important contribution to the tone of the franchise, it’s changing this:

To this:

6. Do you hate your job? Do you have a dream job in mind but have no idea if, when or how you’re ever going to get it? Then we have the infographic you’ve been looking for.

7. When it’s OK for your hobby to get out of control. A couple of maths teachers, Fergus and Judith Wilson, bought a house in 1995 to rent out. Then suddenly, 2009 comes around and they’ve got 900 investment properties. “We didn’t really put in any money at all,” Fergus he told The Renegade Economist in 2009. This week, they sold the lot to a consortium of Arabs for $520 million, and jolly good show, too. But here’s why it’s frightening they ever got that far and why the Bank of International Settlements doesn’t like it one bit.

8. Congratulations Marissa Mayer:

Unfortunately, Mayer’s other baby, Yahoo, isn’t doing so great. According to the world’s most accurate Yahoo analyst, it’s “most likely” to be sold within six months.

9. This is “the best razor on Earth” – according to the people who make it:

OneBlade Razor ReviewSarah Jacobs / Business InsiderThe OneBlade comes with a leather carrying case and steel stand.

It’s called OneBlade and for starters, it’s heavy. Dennis Green knows, because he tried it, then had to give it back because it’s worth about $400. The blades are about a buck apiece and you should only use them once. But, Green says, it’s by far the most incredible shave he’s ever had – and the most terrifying.

10. Honda’s revolutionary mini private jet will finally hit the market this month after 30 years in development. The HondaJet is half the length of a Gulfstream G650, has the best legroom in its class and cabin functions can be controlled by a mobile app. Price? About $6.2 million.

BONUS ITEM: Danny MacAskill just set the GoPro bar higher than you thought possible:

Have a great weekend.

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