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1. US markets have taken a massive hit following reports out of Asia that show serious signs of stunted economic growth. China has announced that it’s at its lowest growth rate in nearly 10 years and the Asian “canary in the coal mine” South Korea, has seen a steep decline in exports.

The Dow Jones at 2:41pm EST

2. The Aussie dollar has followed suit, seeing declines against all major crosses. Suffering from the same hits to the Asian economy, the dollar dropped in line with optimism for an economic turnaround. David Scutt has more.

Investing.comAUD/USD Hourly Chart.

3. RBA cash rate is due for… a cut, a rise, or more stability, depending on who you’re listening to. Macquarie has outlined why they see the rate staying unchanged. The kind of growth that the RBA is predicting could lead to an increase, meanwhile economists are predicting cuts in 2019. The last rate rise was in 2010.

4. Australian property is seeing a renewed interested from Chinese investors. An international real estate platform, Juwai.com, has released data showing a 58.1% uplift in enquiries from China to Australia. Chinese investment retracted from Australia after policy changes out of Beijing curbed overseas investment.

5. Everything you need to know about Davos, the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. We’ve covered the list of speakers, highlights from Day One, even the weather — which is turning into an aggressive snow storm. At the centre of the first day, Huawei’s deputy chairman Ken Hu revealed that Huawei has been taking a hit from the US-China trade war.

6. The US government shutdown is a fullblown crisis. Over 800,000 government employees are entering their second week without pay, including FBI and TSA agencies that are responsible for people’s safety. Financial estimates suggest that the shutdown could end up costing the US more than the $5.7 billion that Trump needed for the wall, with White House administration projecting a 0.13 percentage point drop in GDP for each week the shutdown continues. See all our coverage here.

7. It’s beginning to feel like parliamentary Groundhog Day, but rest assured that the calendar is still moving forward, which is bad news for Theresa May. January 29 is the next key date in the Brexit saga. It’s the date that May is putting her new plan to vote after her resounding defeat last week. Here are the list of amendments to the bill and what they mean.

8. It’s Oscar season! The list of nominees was released overnight, with a few surprises in there. Black Panther got a nomination for best picture. It’s the first time a superhero flick has received a nomination for the award. Here’s the full list of nominees.

9. How many streaming platforms are you willing to pay for? Brace yourself for a new pay-for-everything, fragmented streaming future. As more and more streaming services join the party with their own exclusives, households could end up paying exorbitant amounts for access to their favourite shows.

10. Gone phishing. If you think you’re a genius and can spot fake emails and online scams then you should try Google’s new quiz. The eight question challenge takes you through a series of emails based on real examples that have successfully duped people. Think you can spot a hacker’s phishing email? Take Google’s quiz and find out.

BONUS ITEM: The Colonel has gifted you salt and grease packaged up into a horrific, but one strangely comforting, KFC gravy candle.

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It’s the desperate scent of just wanting peace and quiet in your household as you count down the days until school goes back.

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