10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Picture: HBO


1. Obamacare suffered the ultimate indignity, broken down by a PowerPoint presentation from a man in rolled-up sleeves wielding a clicker. Sure, it had its deficiencies, but that’s cold. Twitter pointed and laughed at Paul Ryan’s defence of the new American Health Care Act, but the US President thinks it’s swell:

2. Markets weren’t watching US moves as much, which made for a nice change. It was the ECB’s turn on stage last night, and Mario Draghi sent the euro up by 0.46% against the greenback by upgrading the eurozone growth forecast and icing talk of further rate drops. Oh, and oil plunged below $50 for the first time this year. Iron ore lost more ground and the Aussie dollar is hanging in there at 75 cents.

3. This is HBO’s version of that log fire you can stream to your telly:

Except way more popular, because once a million fans tuned in, which they did, almost immediately, then – eventually – got the release date for the first episode of Game of Thrones, series 7. And it’s July 16. There are a few hints of what to expect in there too, if you’re sharp.

4. Snap shares rallied a bit, then dropped and are still languishing below their opening price. One analyst reckons if the price drops to $US14, it could become an acquisition target – for Facebook. That would purely be a play to kill Snapchat though, because Facebook pretty much has its own Snapchat these days in all it various apps, and just added the same features to Messenger.

5. UBS analyst Steven Milunovich says one characteristic of monopolies is pricing power. And given Apple has managed to keep the price of an iPhone higher than any of its competitors, and is likely to push it up even further when the iPhone 8 is released, Milunovich as the question: “Is Apple an antifragile monopoly?”

6. Australia has never had so many homes for rent. But no doubt you’ll keep snapping up “investment properties” regardless, so we’ll just leave that here.

7. It was hard not to get excited by Barcelona’s most improbably comeback of all time against PSG yesterday. Even Lionel Messi lost his mind – and don’t the kids love him! But we love these two Barça announcers calling the final moments even more:

8. Justin Trudeau is nice. He wears tight pants and is fit. He cries in public. Everything about him and around him is diverse. Everyone loves Justin Trudeau. Except 52% of the country he runs, Canada. That’s because hotness doesn’t a good politician make, especially when you’re crazy for oil expansion, selling military vehicles and prone to taking vacations on billionaire businessmens’ private islands.

9. Passed over for a promotion? Not getting the important company news? Offering advice that none of your coworkers takes? If you haven’t got the hint by now, here are 18 more signs YOUR COMPANY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU.

10. There is such a thing as an Internet Potato Center. And if the results of their recent experiment with NASA to science the s..t out of growing potatoes on Mars is anything to go by, they could soon be the Intergalactic Potato Center.

BONUS ITEM: Hold onto your breakfast. HoloLens is the AR that VR wishes it could be:

Have a great weekend.

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