10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Dave Syndrome alert. Picture: BBC

Hot today.

1. Maps! When it comes to getting around, maps are the best. But sometimes, they’re “nothing short of horrifying”. Sadly, that’s how a Climate Change Research Centre scientist has described the 40C+ heatwave hitting Australia’s east coast today, and we’ve got the scary maps tracking it. NSW authorities are warning people to expect power blackouts. Stay inside, look after your grandparents.

2. Another Trump rally got under way in markets. US stocks hit record highs after the US president promised he will announce “something phenomenal in terms of tax” over the next two or three weeks. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein might have added fuel to the fire, telling everyone to cut the uncertainty talk, and that less regulation, lower taxes and more infrastructure spending is all markets need to focus on. Here at home, we’ll get the Reserve Bank of Australia’s quarterly Statement on Monetary Policy where updated economic growth and inflation forecast will be revealed. The ASX held on to gains for the third day in a row yesterday and SPI Futures for March are up 24 points.

3. Russia’s air force was just put through its paces so defence minister Sergey Shoigu could assess how ready it is “for a time of war”. It included scrambling a couple of Russian nuclear-capable Tu-160 bombers past Ireland, which in turn required the Royal Air Force to scramble Typhoon fighter jets in response. It’s not as unusual as you might think, but if Putin did want to attack right now, here’s why NATO wouldn’t stand a chance.

4. Luckily, the US and Japan have built a new missile that can shoot down other missiles. And it works – look:

5. Twitter tanked and its stock plummeted. It actually gained 2 million users, but ad revenue fell and it booked a $US167 million loss for the quarter. Twitter CFO Anthony Noto is getting desperate, claiming US president Trump’s use of the platform “shows the power of Twitter”. But dictionary company Merriam-Webster is showing how powerful it can be for making fun of the Trump administration.

6. Telstra was pretty stoked with itself last week, launching a 4G LTE mobile network that could deliver data 10 times faster than the NBN — at 1Gbps — in test conditions. But NBN CEO Bill Morrow has hit back, claiming that not only has the NBN made that kind of speed already available to 1.5 million Australians, Telstra has tested it. And they have so far “chosen not to offer it to consumers”.

7. At some point in 2010, 80-year-old Forrest Fenn made two trips into the Rocky Mountains. One to carry and hide a bronze treaure chest, the next to go back and fill it with at least $US2 million in gold coins and nuggets. Six years later, and still no one has found it. But plenty have bought his two books containing hints to where it might be. Genius.

8. Meanwhile, real-life Indiana Joneses have just found a new cave that they say once held Dead Sea Scrolls – only someone got there before them, in the 1950s, and broke or stole everything. Probably this guy who went on to choose poorly:

Picture: Lucasfilm

9. Apple is expected to release three new iPhones this year. One will be a premium model with a better screen using OLED technology, and the other two will focus on “iterative” improvements to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But a new forecast from KGI Securities claims all three with come with wireless charging.

10. Astronauts taking photos. This is what came after European Space Agency astronaut Andreas Morgensen was asked to perform the “Thor experiment”:

Blue jet andreas morgensen nasa esa 2

He got the blue jets that blast up from cloud tops. Amazing.

BONUS ITEM: Confirmed – Angus Young keeping Guns n’ Roses on the plane in Sydney to investigate a possible “security” breach:

Guns Over Oz has more pics of the band in town.

Have a great weekend.

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