10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Bubbles – overrated. Picture: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Good morning.

1. The launch of the first bitcoin futures markets sent the crypto’s price up by $US1000 within 10 minutes of launch yesterday, and it’s still grinding higher. The Winklevoss twins, now the world’s first bitcoin billionaires, say there’s a case for it to “trounce gold” and hit as much as $US300,000. But if you’re terrified of buying air at $US17,000 a pop, bitcoin bull Tom Lee has identified 12 BTC-linked stocks which are riding the wave just nicely.

2. To markets, and the UK announced its largest oil pipeline would be closed for weeks due to repairs. So energy stocks got a boost and pushed the S&P500 even higher. One expert reckons almost nothing will stop the FANGs in 2018, but the economic world’s biggest concern right now is all about geo-politics. On currency markets, the announcement of a new central bank governor gave the Kiwi dollar a big boost, and the Aussie also fought back a little.

3. Aston Martin announced it will build an electric car. The RapidE will arrive in 2019 and CEO Andy Palmer reckons it will be for people who are “looking for something above Tesla”. But with acceleration “equal to a gasoline Aston Martin”, that’s a big nope. But this:

It’s the McLaren Senna! Picture: McLaren

Is something above Tesla. McLaren will make just 500 versions of its homage to Ayrton Senna and you can’t buy one, because they’re already sold out.

4. Pfizer has made more than a billion dollars a year since releasing Viagra on the stiffy-deprived public in 1998. As far as drugs go, it’s a true modern icon, and the price reflects it at around $US65 a pill. Now, finally, Pfizer has caved in and released a generic version for half that price, and competition could see it drop by as much as 90% in the next 12 months. Woof.

5. Bullying sucks. You’ve probably seen this heartbreaking video of Keaton Jones telling his mum why she had to pick him up from school and why he’s too scared to go to lunch. Hundreds of thousands have as well, including Donald Trump Jnr, who offered Keaton his home in Las Vegas after UFC president Dana White offered to give him a tour of UFC headquarters. But the best messages of support came from the real heroes:

That’s Luke Skywalker, Captain America and The Hulk you’re messing with, bullies.

6. After Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull most likely gave his poll numbers a boost by saying what many Australians feel about China meddling in Australian politics, China’s state papers have hit back. According to the state-run Global Times, “the over-the-top manner in which the Australian prime minister has yelled at China is still very shocking”. Woo.

7. Books! You can’t possibly read them all, even in the holidays. So here’s our list of the best that came out in 2017, starting with the 19 best business books of 2017, from the brains of Ray Dalio, Tim Ferris and Ellen Pao. But if you want some a little more fantastic, try these very best science books of 2017. (Except Artemis, because it’s awful.)

8. And for the best in movies and television, work your way through this year’s Golden Globes nominees. They were just announced and Guillermo del Toro’s story about the love between a mute woman and a captured amphibious humanoid, “The Shape of Water”, could win seven gongs.

9. Photobombs got interesting again, for a second. Instagram makeup artist Verona Koliqi was showing her fiancee this shot of herself with pals at the beach 10 years ago:

Picture: Verona Koliqi/Instagram

And her soon-to-be hubby noticed the kid on the float behind her was… him.

10. “Retrograde” is the time of year when a planet appears to be moving backwards, but it’s really just orbiting the Sun slower than the Earth. But if you’re into horoscopes and were born during Mercury’s retrograde, you might be treading carefully, because until December 22, the hottest planet’s retrograde might be causing you to fight with your partner or mess up your travel plans. That is, of course, a load of b….cks, and here’s an actual scientist to tell you why.

BONUS ITEM: No, don’t watch 6-year-old Ryan play with Thomas the Tank Engine:

Just know that he made $US11 million from it in 2017.

Have a great day.

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