10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Relax. Photo: Airbnb/ supplied.

Good morning.

1. Let’s start with markets, where finally, stocks slipped. So of course, everyone panicked. Crude pulled back, bonds rallied, gold spiked and the US dollar was a little stronger across the board. All of which left the June futures contract down 27 points and pointing to a weak open for the SPI 200. Greg McKenna reckons that could put the ASX200 physical market “right on the 5335 support zone the market has held for the past two days”. “A break suggests 5280 to the chartists,” he says. The Aussie dollar fell heavily, iron ore is up but copper is collapsing.

2. Lazy learning is the best learning, so while you’re working, tune in to our podcast. This week our editor-in-chief Paul Colgan and economics reporter David Scutt invited James Whelan, investment manager at VFS Group to chat about Brexit, a couple of big Aussie IPOs and, obviously, the opening game of Euro 2016. Listen to it below or grab it on iTunes and never miss another one.

3. While we’re on startups, Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek has some advice. Don’t sell. And he should know, because Spotify never sold and it just had its “best year ever”, losing just $194 million. Um.

4. Smartphone tricks. Like hitting left, left, right, up, down, down, A, down, C, C on your Megadrive controller, entering secret codes in your iPhone lets you access hidden iPhone features. They won’t give you unlimited lives, but they will make you love your iPhone even more, and we’ve got them all here.

5. They won’t let your device do this, either:

That’s YouTube star Meghan McCarthy showing off Lenovo’s concept for where bendable screens will take us. And yes, that’s a smartphone on her wrist. So stunning the couple next to her were paralysed.

6. “I think there’s an excellent chance” Trump will be US president. Said Michael Moore. That was after US President Barack Obama finally threw his hat in this, announcing his endorsement of Hillary Clinton in a three-minute video. “I don’t think anyone has been more qualified for this office,” Obama said, having made absolutely sure he wasn’t about to back the wrong Democrat.

7. It’s Reading Season in the US, otherwise known as summer, so expect a wave of recommended reading lists to hit soon. J.P. Morgan is first on the bandwagon with its 17th annual reading list of 10 titles culled from 450 submissions. It’s a bit different from the regular list, focusing on things like innovation, wellbeing, leadership and … cartography. Get in.

8. You might take them to the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. Yesterday, Airbnb has announced its first ever listing on the Great Barrier Reef in far northern Queensland. Literally, on the Great Barrier Reef:

Photo: Airbnb/ supplied.

Sarah Kimmorley got to stay there and she liked it.

9. The rise and rise of Snapchat is now undeniable. It’s just topped Instagram in one very important measurement – time users spend on the app – and is now second to the big one, Facebook. Here’s the latest rankings from App Annie, but before anyone at Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or LinkedIn gets excited, here’s Pinterest blowing them all away in perhaps the most important category of all:

10. If you do defy the massive odds and your startup becomes profitable, you might have the kind of luxury that Alphabet CEO Larry Page can afford. He’s keen on a flying car, so he poured millions into a couple of companies that think they can build one, Bloomberg reports. Here’s what’s needed for that to actually become a reality, but more importantly, needing to keep an eye on how your money is spent means you’ll need a non-gender-specific cave from which to watch on. Larry’s cave next to the flying car guys had a rocket engine engine in it from his SpaceX CEO pal Elon Musk.

BONUS ITEM: The world’s most adorable case of breaking and entering:

That’s a post from Hollie Breaux Mallet who, as it turns out, rightly suspected the boy next door was sneaking into her garage each day.

Have a great long weekend.

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