10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Steph Curry. It’s getting harder to not say ‘the greatest’. Picture: Getty Images

1. This is a great way for a 15-year-old to spend their “screen time”. William Gadoury of Quebec noticed Mayan civilisation cities lined up exactly with stars in the civilization’s major constellations. So he did a bit of Googling and found one constellation of three stars was missing a matching city on Earth. Heading further down the rabbit hole, with the help of the Canadian Space Agency and Google Earth, he pinpointed where the city should be and:

Picture: Canadian Space Agency

“A square is not natural,” Dr. Armand LaRocque of the University of New Brunswick told The Independent.

2. To markets, which… roared, pegged to a surge in crude oil and pretty much all the commodities it dragged along with it. And given the ASX made fools of futures pundits yesterday by posting a 0.42% gain after a horro night for the miners, let’s assume today will be a cracker. The 222 point rally in the Dow and the 26 point lift in the S&P 500 has lifted the June SPI 200 contract up 30 points, 0.6%, which means we’re a chance to take out May’s highs at 5357. The Aussie dollar’s buying .7372 and looks to have found its footing.

3. The most British moment of the day happened when David Cameron was breezily chatting with The Queen about his coming anti-corruption summit:

“Fantastically corrupt.” Brilliant.

4. Stories about internet security are boring. Passwords are boring. But this tip for creating an awesome one from “ethical hacker” Kurt Muhl of RedTeam Security is a lightbulb moment for everyone. Just don’t choose “I bought my house for $1”.

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5. Looking forward to your Rio holiday in August? Run away! Brazilian soccer legend Rivaldo has no doubt horrified Olympic organisers by telling his Instagram fans they’d be crazy to visit Rio and should “stay home” (Google Translate):

Picture: Rivaldo/Instagram

This is absolutely a bandwagon for media in the lead-up to every Olympics, ever. Yes, Zika virus is a huge worry right now, and athletes are still getting sick after swims in sewage-infested venues. But don’t run away. Brazil needs you.

6. What does a bar in North Korea look like? It has somewhere to stand, and somewhere to put your beer. Here’s to Commies getting it right.

7. Here’s something you should be incredibly wary of. It’s Facebook’s News Feed and, while this should surprise no one, it’s fundamentally flawed in that it really just serves up news you want to hear. Except that’s not all. A Gizmodo report claims a former journalist who worked on the feed said Facebook workers “routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers” from the influential “trending” news section. Others, it was claimed, “were instructed to artificially ‘inject’ selected stories into the trending news module”, even if they weren’t trending at all. Facebook has, of course, had its say on all of this.

8. Best stick to Facebook’s 360-degree videos, which are excellent, such as National Geographic’s tour over the top of an erupting volcano:

Here’s 10 of the best from 2016 so far.

9. 160 reasons to switch to Netflix. That’s how many hours less commercials you will watch each year.

10. If you watch any popular TED presentation on YouTube and find yourself wishing you could speak in front of a crowd like that, TED’s head Chris Anderson has some advice for you. It’s simple and could save you that awkward moment when nothing in your face seems to work the way it should after you realise everyone’s actually listening to you.

BONUS ITEM: Steph Curry just returned from a knee injury and had possibly the best playoff game in NBA history. Look how sore his knee is:

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