10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Make bald work for you. Picture: Universal


1. There’s no avoiding it. We have to talk about yesterday, using words like “crushed” and “destroyed”, because the ASX had its largest percentage decline since Sept 29 last year and the third largest fall in five years. You can thank the banks for that mainly, but all 10 sectors finished in the red. Don’t expect to get your money back today either – Europe was rubbish, the US was flat, and oil crashed again (Morgan Stanley expects another 50% drop). At least the CBA got the day off to a good start – it’s announced a record half-year profit of $4.8 billion.

2. Russia just sent 20 soldiers to Fiji after selling the island nation 20 containers full of AK47 assault rifles and the Pecheneg light machine guns – maybe. But surely there’s nothing to worry about. It’s not as if Russia has any history of strategic military presences in island nations or anything.

3. Great TV has never been easier to find thanks to the modern miracle that is streaming. And for the purposes of this post, when we say “streaming”, we mean “Netflix”. And believe it or not, Netflix can be even better, because you can fiddle with it to turn your favourite shows into trivia battles, or watch it sort of subconsciously while you’re working, like this:


Here’s how you do that, plus 15 other Netflix hacks to level-up your binge-watching.

4. Love the idea of a long, luxurious cruise to somewhere exotic, but worried because you’ve watched too many lost-at-sea movies? Then don’t watch this video of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship battling 10-metre waves and hurricane force winds on its way to the Bahamas.

5. We know ‘El Chapo’ escaped like what someone in the movies would, on a motorbike speeding through a tunnel dug to his cell. We know those who dug the tunnels had rough blueprints to work off. But now we also know they had a genius plan for pinpointing their boss, because it now turns out someone suggested to prison authorities El Chapo should be monitored with a geolocation bracelet, and they thought it was a good idea. But no one checked up on who was hired to fit the device.

6. Chart of the Day:

From $100 million in 2001 to $2500 just 15 years later is quite a drop. By June this year, Sure Genomics will be able to test your spit and unlike 23andMe and Ancestry, has the legal right to tell you details about how you’re likely to get sick, rather than just where your great-great-grandies came from. Here’s how it works.

7. Pocket change used to be the stuff you’d chuck in a bowl and get the kids to count at Christmas. But real money is disappearing nad so is your small change. But Acorns Grow has just launched in Australia. It invents small change by rounding up your $3.50 coffee to $4 and puts the extra 50c into an investment account. Harry Tucker’s on board, and reckons it’s more than a bit of fun.

8. Embrace your baldness. It can be sexy if you follow these surprisingly sensible tips for how dress when your dome is more chrome than carpet.

9. In dreams, houses look like this:

Except it’s not a dream, and you can rent it on Airbnb. Treehouses are actually hugely popular on the site, rating an average of 4 out 5 stars. And they’re proper ones too, with proper floors and windows for keeping the rain out and all. Here are the best seven we could find, including that one above, which is just a couple of hours out of Sydney.

10. . Presentations. From the awful round table “Tell us about yourself” to the ideas standup to the end of quarter report, presentations strike fear into most people, no matter how many times they have to front up. Luckily, there’s no shortage of excellent advice for getting through one, and here’s a great rundown from someone who actually fainted before getting a word out. Darlene Price now teaches people how to present and she has these 11 tips, none of which involve people in their underwear.

BONUS ITEM: Steve Harvey is wasted as a Family Feud host. Or maybe not, given the way he handles this most excruciating eight minutes.

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