10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

There’s been no talk of a rematch yet. Picture: Channel Nine

Good morning, welcome to Friday.

At some stage, we’ll talk about the armwrestling video, but first:

1. The mighty fell, stepped aside and walked away. In other words, the world overnight lost the extraordinary talent of horror actor Christopher Lee, who died at 93, 21st Century Fox lost its CEO Rupert Murdoch, who handed the role onto his son James, and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo bowed to shareholder pressure and quit.

2. On the Murdoch news, all the whispers say James has a huge challenge ahead of him managing some of the industry’s biggest personalities. It’s chaos in Australia, where there are a lot of unanswered questions, including what exactly James and Lachlan think about newspapers. And the big question in the US is what happens to Fox News boss Roger Ailes? He also lost an ally in COO Chase Carey, who stepped down along with Murdoch, and Ailes reportedly does not get along with the Murdoch boys.

3. Costolo announced his temporary replacement at Twitter in the manner most expected:

He’s been under fire pretty much since Twitter went public, mostly for failing to hit revenue and profitability targets and address its stalling user growth. Just last month he told conference goers he wasn’t worried about his job. Now Twitter’s stock is soaring – here’s the short list of who’s in the running to replace him.

Are you ready to see a famous footy player get his arm busted in an armwrestle? No?

4. It was a solid day on the local market yesterday, with the ASX up 1.4%. A good lead from Wall Street and solid employment data painted the backdrop for the big surge which saw the big banks up around 2% on average. The miners were up more than 2% also. Today, futures are less ebullient with no real lead from the US. Traders will be focused on whether the market can break back up and through the level that the ASX broke last week in this 5545/75 region.

5. In Asia yesterday, the Nikkei was sharply higher after the solid lead from the US and Greek hopes the previous night. So we might see some of those gains given back in trade today but futures are up again overnight. Shanghai remains master of its own domain and was up 0.32% after the data on retail sales and, for a change, industrial production was not all bad.

6. Our new NBA star Matthew Dellavedova specialises in being a pest with plays like this:

But he’s okay with being the league’s most annoying player. Especially when he can answer in kind with ridiculous shots like this:

His team, the Cavs, are 2-1 up against the Warriors in the finals. Game 4 starts at 11am AEST.

7. Your job interview is your one shot at standing out from the competition, so don’t waste it after all that effort it took to get there. Here’s a great 15-step guide to nailing any job interview.

8. LOOK AWAY NOW then look back through your fingers as Wendell Sailor busts Ben Ross’s arm on The Footy Show. It’s footage that’s impossible to avoid this morning, but for full stomach-churning effect, make sure you have some sound:

9. Zimbabwe’s central bank is demonetizing the Zimbabwe dollar. That’s right, if you’ve got anywhere between zero and 175 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars in your bank account, just take it to the Reserve Bank and they’ll swap it all for $US5. And that’s why anyone who asks “Why can’t we just print more money?” is an idiot.

10. Virtual reality masters Oculus Rift finally, officially launched their VR headset. While everyone knew what it looked like, knew what it did and knew it wouldn’t be available until early next year, the Facebook-owned company still had a shock in store for the launch. It’s partnered up with Microsoft – namely, Xbox One – and will come bundled with an Xbox controller and adapter. It will also support Windows 10 right out of the box.

BONUS ITEM: It’s Big Shark Friday.


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