10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Taylor hill victoria's secretThe most popular person on telly last night. Picture: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Good morning.

1. This Bitcoin guy. Brisbane-raised Craig Steven Wright once worked as a saute chef, having trained in French cuisine. He then “did some stuff” for three years before beginning a remarkable career in digital forensics. Now, he’s disappeared after being outed yesterday by Wired and Gizmodo as the man who may have invented Bitcoin. Things… escalated. The ATO wasted no time reacting once they’d caught up with the news, swooping on his house. Apparently Wright’s company Hotwire owes $1.7 million in tax penalties and last year, he got a $54 million tax rebate and spent it on a supercomputer. But wait until you hear his incredible theory on the Tulip Bubble of 1637.

2. Did you get a poor pay rise this year? A pay rise at all? Welcome to the club! Look:

This tangible tanking of wage increases is part of a broader theme in the economy: low inflation, which is reaching into all parts of the economy from workers to profit margins to government revenue and economists’ ability to be right. Greg McKenna explains in epic detail here.

3. To the markets, and it appears as though Santa’s hit a few red lights on his way to the rally. But that’s actually normal – December has been the second best month on the Dow Jones Industrials since 1950 and it all happens in the back end. And this year’s back end coincides with a US rate hike… But for now, everyone’s lazing around a bit. Oil only had a bad night, and iron ore even rose a little. And Futures say the ASX might slightly improve on yesterday poor trade.

4. But some excitement this morning – New Zealand cut rates. The RBNZ took its official cash rate back to 2.50% this morning, the equal lowest level on record, on the back of low inflation, falling dairy prices and a high New Zealand dollar. It’s now dropped a full 1% this year and the story of why by David Scutt has even got lightsabers in it.

5. Look how much pharma CEO Martin Shkreli cares that you think he’s wrong to buy the rights to a life-saving drug, just so he can jack the price up by 5000%:

But he is, at least, a refreshingly straight shooter, and because he’s so open about his tactics, Lydia Ramsay reckons he just might be the villain the US healthcare industry needs. And he just gave everyone another reason to hate him – Shkreli was the guy who paid $2 million for the sole copy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s “secret” album in September. And he just revealed he paid someone else to listen to it before he bought it, because he was so busy.

6. Well, this is annoying. Thousands of Australians who dream of owning a home within a reasonable commute of their city workplace just can’t afford one. Yet there’s a stack of units sitting empty, according to an analysis of water usage. How many is a stack, you ask? 82,724 – and that’s just in Melbourne. Here’s why, and once you’ve picked your jaw up, read about the former public housing terrace in Sydney which just sold for $2.2 million above reserve.

7. Heh. Donald Trump agreed to do a photo shoot with a bald eagle for TIME earlier this year, and the mag just released a video of all the things that went wrong:

He’s everywhere right now. Apparently his controversial “ban Muslims” call has hit all the right notes for Republican voters. And his hair, it seems, is actually real. But he’s cross because he only made runner-up in TIME’s Person of the Year award. And yes, we’re going to make you to click to find out who won.

8. The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show was on last night, and you might have been surprised to catch it on Aussie free-to-air. And it was spectacular, apart from this Getty pic ruined by confetti which makes one poor lass look a bit ruder than she would have hoped, and the rest appear as if they’d gone three rounds with Ronda Rousey:

Here are seven outrageous outfits from the night and here are the most popular models, according to Twitter.

9. Apple’s always got a load of stuff coming out. Next year, they’ll break the cycle a little with the March release of a new iPhone. But if you want to know what’s really important to the company – as in, where its cash will come from – well-respected Apple analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray gave a presentation on Apple’s future at Business Insider’s Ignition conference Wednesday. And we’ve got it all here, including some rare detail about Titan, the Apple car.

(ALSO, we have an iPad Air 2 to give away. Just fill out this survey on what you like doing with the tech-molog-opolies and we might give it to you.)

10. You’re unlikely to have made it through childhood without falling in love with The BFG. Which is why you’ll be excited to see the BFG in this first trailer for the movie version helmed by Steven Spielberg. Here’s a teaser:

BONUS ITEM: No, this is how you roast a turkey:

Have a great day.

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