10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Lorde, who burned Kyle Sandilands when he asked some clumsy questions about Taylor Swift. Getty / File

Good morning, and welcome to Wednesday. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. There’s been a troubling development in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet: the military says it believed the plane inexplicably changed course some time after takeoff, and flew hundreds of miles west instead of on its northeasterly flight path. This raises huge questions over the premise that there was some kind of sudden, catastrophic failure. Spookily, people are still able to place calls to the phones of missing passengers – it’s just that they’re still able to connect to the network and not that the phones are ringing.
  2. There’s been a steady increase in discussion of reforms that will change who’s able to get their mitts on Australia’s $1.8 trillion in superannuations savings in recent months. Joe Hockey and NSW Treasurer Mike Baird will lead a summit to discuss changes that would make it easier for super funds to invest in infrastructure projects, with growing requirements for new roads, rail and other facilities at a time when governments don’t have any cash in the bank. Watch this space.
  3. The new DJs chairman and former Lion Nathan boss Gordon Cairns has revealed why he turned to Buddhism and meditation: he was getting feedback from people about intolerable autocratic behaviour which he says was driven by a fear of failure.
  4. Right-wing think tank the IPA is on course for a fight with Attorney-General George Brandis, according to a report in Fairfax Media today. with the IPA believing Brandis has started watering down his language on the repeal of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act – the so-called “Andrew Bolt clause” which prohibits statements that offend people.
  5. Markets: Goldman Sachs tells clients in a note this week that investors are starting to ask: “When is the party going to end?” There was a surprise drop in the monthly NAB business conditions yesterday so today’s consumer sentiment from Westpac will be especially interesting.
  6. Some $US500m in Bitcoins (on current exchange rates) have been stolen since 2010.
  7. Lorde smoked Kyle Sandilands on air when he got into a tortuously awkward exchange with her in which he basically suggested the NZ singer was in a lesbian relationship with her buddy Taylor Swift. Another reason to like her.
  8. If you were excited about the prospect of being able to dine at the Opera House again some time soon, curb that enthusiasm: Melbourne’s Van Haandel Group has pulled out of a plan to open a restaurant at the iconic location. Its Melbourne flagship, Stokehouse, was burnt in a fire in January and its owners want to focus on rebuilding it – understandable, but still a nightmare for Opera House management, who are now left without a dining option at the globally recognisable venue since Guillaume Brahimi left in December after 12 successful years.
  9. You can fix a broken MacBook by baking it in a hot oven and then putting it back together. Weekend DIY project, anyone?
  10. A study has looked at Twitter’s role in shaping public opinion, concluding that while it can be chaotic at first, opinion on the social platform then levels off and spreads to the general population, where it can be harder to shift.

Bonus item: Barack Obama appeared on parody interview slot Between Two Ferns overnight, billed as a “community organiser”. It’s a must-see.

Have a cracking day – I’m on Twitter: @colgo

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