10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan Murdoch (left) (Jean Catuffe, GC Images)

Good morning and welcome to the five-day workweek.

1. Victoria won’t reopen at the end of the week despite previous promises. Premier Dan Andrews has confirmed the state is unlikely to meet its key case indicators to enable the next round of relaxations from October 19. Instead, business reopenings in Melbourne will be delayed and phased in over the next month. Needless to say, tensions are high.


2. Australians should brace for more economic pain. The RBA has warned that 10% to 15% of small businesses in hard-hit sectors will likely fail in the coming month. At the same time, government support is going to be disappearing from the one-third of Australian pockets it currently lines. Tough times ahead, folks.

3. James Murdoch has thrown some serious shade at old man Rupert, revealing he left the media empire because it legitimises disinformation and obscures facts. He’s also set up a foundation that supports democratic participation and environmental causes. Boy, the apple has fallen a long way from the tree.

Oh, and Kevin Rudd is now calling for a royal commission into the Australian branch of the media organisation.

4. Speaking of disinformation, Donald Trump and his beloved Twitter are at loggerheads again. The social media platform slapped him with a warning label after the US President claimed he was now immune from COVID-19 and had a protective glow. Wishful thinking at best.


5. Coming into the backend of the year, bushfire season is again nearly upon us. Helping push them back into the national zeitgeist, an NRMA ad depicted firefighters set to go fight a blaze, saying that the company was hoping to encourage people to take more regular fire prevention activities. The only problem? It was so realistic and ‘violent’ that it has been pulled from air.

6. Robots have begun to infiltrate Woolworths. The supermarket giant is calling them a “potential gamechanger” after unveiling a 2,400 square metre eCommerce floor in Melbourne to automate online orders. While the machinery can fulfil orders five times faster than humans, Woolies says it’s a good development for human workers.

7. If the scale of the sharemarket scares you, have you considered micro-investing? In recent months, Australia has seen an influx of apps that automatically puts your loose change to work in the market every time you buy a coffee. To help you out, Business Insider Australia did a quick round-up of the players and their features.

8. Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed to a ceasefire, two weeks after brutal clashes killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands more. The conflict has been the biggest escalation since the 1990s and involves heavy artillery, warplanes, and drones as the two nations fight over long-disputed territory. These images document the cost.

9. Rafael Nadal demolished Novak Djokovic in the final of the French Open, to claim his 20th grand slam title. The achievement ties him with Roger Federer for most grand slam wins. Federer naturally took it well, writing it’s a true honour to share the top spot with his friend and rival. So wholesome.

10. Is Burger King about to receive a Michelin star? Probably not, but it is in the running after the fast-food chain convinced the culinary organisation to come and review one of its Angus beef burgers. They’ll find out on 1 November whether they cut the mustard.


Ok, so it’s not a viral video but rather a promise of what could have been had Trump followed through with this, his original coronavirus resurrection stunt.

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