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1. Out of order. US lawmakers face a February 15 deadline to pass new legislation or risk the government shutting down, again. It comes two weeks after the end of a record-breaking 35-day shutdown of the federal government that caused delayed paychecks, massive airport disruptions, and damage to national parks.

2. The Aussie dollar is still under pressure after an abysmal week. The Aussie fell 2.2% last week, the largest weekly decline in percentage terms since the start of last quarter.

Investing.comAUD/USD Hourly Chart

Financial markets are predicting a rate cut at the end of the year, now that the RBA has revised its inflation forecasts. David Scutt has more.

3. Brexit is scheduled for March 29, but Theresa May is still grappling with her own parliament. May’s negotiations with the EU continue after her deal was defeated by UK parliament in January. She is due to report back to MPs on changes to the plan but it’s likely that she will appeal for more time to negotiate with the EU.

4. Huawei has a tough road ahead to strengthen its foothold in Western markets with Britain potentially the latest to join other major Western nations in banning Huawei from involvement in future tech projects. The Chinese tech company, known for its smartphones and 5G network, has been banned from participating in the 5G network rollout in Australia due to concerns about security. The new laws in Britain are part of a slew of changes that would come in following Brexit.

5. Welcome back to the first Devils and Details podcast of the year. The RBA policy shift is still at the top of everyone’s mind after a change in tune on the outlook for interest rates. AMP Capital’s chief economist and head of investment strategy Shane Oliver joined the show to talk forecasting and the Australian property market before casting the conversation over to the deteriorating picture in Europe. Listen to the full podcast here.

6. Prince Phillip has decided to voluntarily surrender his drivers licence at the ripe old age of 97. The Duke of Edinburgh was in a car accident last month where his car tipped on its side following a collision with another driver who was injured at the time. The Crown Prosecution is still looking into the incident.

7. Stealth cameras are one of many sleek new design features that this new smartphone competitor is offering. The design function is so smooth that I can’t stop watching this GIF of someone taking a photo. Watch out, Apple.

via Gfycat

8. The aim is to make your money work for you, not work for your money. One self-made millionaire who retired at the age of 30 has put together the two best ways to make money over the long term without obsessing over the markets or racking up overtime.

9. ICYMI: Jeff Bezos is fighting with the National Enquirer and their parent company AMI over claims that they were blackmailing him with photos of Bezos and his new love. There have also been insinuations that the move by AMI was politically motivated with a complex array of players from Trump to the Saudi government. Here’s a full breakdown of the timeline.

10. It’s been 30 years since the Gameboy was first released. If you’re after a nostalgia kick this morning, here are the most popular tech gadgets and their humble origins. While nothing can replace that satisfying “bleep” collecting gold coins in Super Mario Land 2, we sure have been some impressive gadgets now.

BONUS ITEM: These Swedish fighter jets are taking electronic warfare to the next level.

Oleg V. Belyakov – AirTeamImagesSweden’s Saab Gripen in flight.

Designed to take out Russian Sukhoi fighters by jamming their signals and being able to get closer than ever before. Experts believe it could be more effective than US stealth technology.

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