10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Who’s running this show? Picture: HBO

Hello Friday.

1. Are the three stooges running the US economy now Gary Cohn has stepped out of the mix? Of course not. It’s politics, and there are thousands of experienced people actually running the show. But with a Hollywood producer, an anti-China activist and private equity globalist fluffing the US President, it’s certainly going to be entertaining in the front section.

2. Today, the show began with Trump rolling out his new tariffs on steel and aluminium. Amongst talk of exemptions, there was nothing specific relating to, or mentioning, Australia – but there were some strong hints. Steel imports will be hit with a 25% tariff, aluminium with a 10% tariff, and the measure will kick off on March 23. But really, it’s just the opening salvo. The real war will begin when Trump gets serious about China’s relentless IP theft.

3. Markets in the US were edgy waiting on the detail in the tariffs plan, but pushed higher into the close as Trump opted for a measured approach, by Trump standards. In Europe, ECB president Mario Draghi drove the euro down by keeping policy settings on hold. Iron ore continued to get walloped. And bitcoin hodlers are angry as they learn a Japanese bank is releasing millions of BTC in an effort to fund liquidation proceedings on bankrupt exchange Mt Gox.

4. Let’s talk about CO2 emissions. Promise it will be interesting, because this:

Carbon chart

The UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions are now as low as they were in 1890.

5. There are so many awesome cars at the Geneva Motor Show, it’s hard to pick a winner. So we picked 24 of them – here are the 24 coolest cars at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Oh, all right then:

The Supra is back. Big time. Picture: Toyota

6. Antonio Villas-Boas has had the Samsung Galaxy S9 long enough now to give it a proper working over, and he loves it. In fact, he says it’s proof you don’t need to – and it’s still hard to believe this is now a thing – spend $1,500 for a great smartphone. But he’ll still go back to using his Google Pixel 2 XL. And while Prachi Bhardwaj is an “iPhone user for life”, here are 7 things he loves about the… Google Pixel 2. Notice a pattern developing?

7. The guy who directed “Iron Man” is writing a live-action Star Wars series for Disney and Netflix is sliding on the news and women don’t actually like rom-coms they like action movies and who cares because THE SOPRANOS MOVIE IS HAPPENING.

8. Also in movies is this:

Picture: Sotheby’s

Or it was, in Cinderella Man, wicking away Russell Crowe’s groin sweat while he was doing boxing training. And you can buy it, because it’s one of more than 200 personal items he’s selling in his divorce auction called “Russell Crowe: The Art of Divorce”, on April 7. And a dinosaur skull he “acquired” from Leonardo DiCaprio.

9. In Putin news today, it’s possible the Russian President may have broken one of the most sacred rules of the spy game, if he had a hand in the poisoning of former agent Sergei Skripal. And what was in the mysterious polished black box that he sent to Donald Trump in 2013?

10. Job interviews are the worst. It seems extraordinary that in 2018, employers are still relying so heavily on a dilapidated Q&A system which attempts to reveal someone’s fitness for work on the basis of how well they’ve practised lying researched The Company Values. But if they insist – and they will – on ending with “So, do you have any questions for us?”, here are 28 brilliant questions to shoot back. If you think you’ve already blown it, ask all 28, just for fun.

BONUS ITEM: Hat-tip to BoingBoing for its excellent Found on the Internet today:

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