10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Safe haven, anyone? Picture: 2017 SkyPixel Photo Contest / Florian Ledoux

At least it’s Friday.

1. Yeesh:

US market gains for the year were erased overnight, with all 30 Dow stocks falling. Here’s what got hit the hardest in the first time the index has dropped into correction territory in two years. Benchmark US 10-year bond yields are still at four-year highs, and money is flowing into the Japanese yen. It’s going to be a horrible day on the ASX – futures traders have the ASX200 open down more than 100 points again. And the Aussie is getting pummeled.

2. Amongst all the carnage, BI readers have been wondering what’s happening with Seth Golden, the Florida-based former Target manager who made waves last year with claims that he’d grown his net worth from $US500,000 to $US12 million in five years by shorting the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX). Apparently, he’s refusing to throw in the towel. And here’s a hedge fund manager who makes a killing when stocks go haywire telling us there’s about to be a market avalanche.

3. Apple lost a crucial tool. Top secret code which allows iOS to boot up was leaked online, and it looks like the real deal. iBoot is the holy grail for Apple hackers, and- LOOK! Over there! All the new products Apple will be bringing out in 2018!

4. North Korea held a military parade, because it can, any time, and pull millions of people to watch without any impact whatsoever on their bottom lines and desperately sparse lives. They were all no doubt thrilled to know Kim Jong Un now has at least seven nuclear missiles that can hit the US. And among them, this:

North korea parade mystery missileKCTV

Which looks a lot like the Russian Iskander system. Here’s why that should be a major cause of concern to the US.

5. The Other Olympics is under way, and there’s already been a huge controversy in the sport with the slidey rock and the brooms. But the Opening Ceremony isn’t on until tonight, so tune in to Channel 7 at 10pm for that or you can stream it online at 7PLUS. FoxSports has a good run down on when to watch the Aussies here. Our best bet for gold is Scotty Adams in the snowboard, where he reportedly plans to break out a switch backside 1260. That’s if anyone actually competes, because there’s now at least 128 confirmed cases of the trots in the village, and it’s spreading fast. Hot tip – now’s not a good time to try the dog special.

6. Rich and powerful people, we know all your secretses. We have pics from inside New York City’s hidden neighbourhood where Wall Street big shots, celebrities, and billionaire heirs mingle. We’ve been inside the new building designed by the man behind “the world’s most powerful address”, where apartments go for up to $US35 million. And we even know which 10 luxury hotels around the world all you ultra rich love to stay.

7. Wow:

2017 SkyPixel Photo Contest / Trung PhamA baby lobster breeding farm in Vietnam took First Place in the Enthusiast, Landscape category.

Who would have thought baby lobster breeding farms could be so pretty? But drones give many things new perspective, which is why there’s such a thing as the SkyPixel Photo Contest. The lobsters were just one of the winners, and there are 18 more incredible aerial shots here. And here are some scary aerials of that massive dam which is drying up and killing Cape Town.

8. This is bizarre/unfortunate. US President Donald Trump’s comms director is Hope Hicks. She’s dating Rob Porter, who resigned recently after allegations of abuse from his ex-wives. Hicks reportedly had a hand in crafting the White House’s response to Porter’s departure. So it’s not surprising that Hicks is now under scrutiny and one of the scrutineers, former Clinton aide Phiippe Reines, decided to post a tweet about what kind of action (young, attractive female) Hope Hicks would face if she were a man. But Australians, please check out the “fictional dishonest” character name Reines gives to Hicks:

9. Marvel fans, you just got your first look at Venom, with Tom Hardy in it. But you don’t actually get to see Venom, sorry. And one critic dared to give Black Panther a negative review, and is now being slowly roasting on the social medias. Admittedly it was negative for a strange reason.

10. Republican nominee Arthur Jones looks like a Nazi. That’s him on the right:

He won’t mind us saying that, because he is a Nazi. And he didn’t even deny it in this bewildering rant on CNN, and it looks like he’ll win the party’s nomination in Illinois’s 3rd congressional district. This is why we need to fast-track gene editing.

Have a great weekend.

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