10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning and welcome to Friday.

1. Exit polls have just started rolling in for the UK election and it looks like Theresa May has bottled it. The Tories should still win, but (very) early indications are that they won’t have the 326 seats needed for a majority. We’re updating all day here, but the real highlight so far has been the classy media coverage from the UK:

2. Markets are, not surprisingly, reacting. The pound immediately fell by 0.6% against the greenback and crashed by 1.6% against the euro. But US markets barely shifted after FBI director James Comey’s testimony failed to raise any chance of a Trump impeachment. The ASX200 fought back yesterday and Futures traders have it opening slightly higher this morning. Iron ore did nothing, which was unusual, and the Aussie dollar soared against the pound.

3. The Comey testimony began and because the US actually cares about politics, people went to bars to watch the former FBI director claim he was fired because of the way he conducted the Russia investigation. We went to one of those bars. We also found out what Trump whispered to Comey in that inauguration day photo:

Donald Trump and James ComeyPicture: Getty Images

And, importantly, the answer to everyone’s biggest question about Comey – how tall is he?

4. Senator John McCain has been all but irresistible for an anti-Trump quote in the past few months for media. You probably won’t hear much more from him now though, because his questions for Comey were six minutes of bizarre, rambling crackpot.

5.Victorian police conducted a counter-terrorism operation in Melbourne’s northern suburbs this morning. Footage has emerged of London police shooting down one of the attackers at Borough Market. See if you can spot the difference in this tribute last night to those who lost their lives:

And here’s some detail on that other terror attack – the one where 12 people were killed and 46 wounded in an attack on the Parliament building, yesterday.

6. LeBron’s Cavs are on the verge of a wipeout after going 3-0 down in the NBA playoffs. A great stat from VICE’s Michael Pina showed the Cavs won by seven points in the 46 minutes James was on the floor. They lost by 12 points in the two minutes he was off it. That’s why Cavs fans are suddenly nervous about rumblings on where James will finish his extraordinary career.

7. Android creator Andy Rubin built a whole new phone, and just a couple of days after revealing it, his company Essential practically became a unicorn. Meanwhile, Apple changed where the volume box goes on the iPhone whenever you change the volume.

8. A US Air Force pilot shot down another plane, and that hasn’t happened for decades. This one won’t count either, because the “other plane” was a homemade drone, “similar in size to an MQ-1 Predator” which had dropped several weapons on coalition forces in Syria. But it’s an alarming reminder, while the Australian Defence Force is buying 200 handheld surveillance drones for $500,000 apiece, that things are moving fast in the garages of our enemies.

9. There are few things on the planet worse than a golf cheat. And when the US Open tees off next week, there’ll be more scrutiny than usual on the greens when players are marking their balls. That’s because “there‚Äôs exactly one guy who is known to mis-mark his ball by two or three inches,” according to an anonymous tour pro writing for Golf Digest. “Ask any player about cheating, and they will all tell you the same name.” Woo.

10. “Healthy” Coke is dead; long live “healthy” Coke. Coke Zero will be phased out on Australian shelves from today onwards, because Coke reckons not enough people are getting the message that it has no sugar. So it will be replaced with Coke No Sugar. Who’d be a marketer in this brave new world?

BONUS ITEM: Because until every person in the world has seen this lost footage of Luke Skywalker, not enough people have seen this lost footage of Luke Skywalker:

Have a great weekend.

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