10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Where will be be in 32 years? Picture: Warner Bros

Here we go.

1. It’s Budget Night, and half the surprises have been spoiled already. We know there will be changes to school funding and the PBS, uni will cost more, and infrastructure will be a big deal. What we don’t know is where the money will go, but here’s a quick guide to what cash the federal treasurer Scott Morrison has to play with. And we also know that banks are in the crosshairs. To quote someone with special knowledge, “they will be furious”. Stick with us for the best coverage – we’ll be up all night.

2. It’s not like the big four don’t have any wriggle room. Here’s an entertaining chart which shows how they’ve lifted profits and shed thousands of staff over the past three years.

3. Markets were quiet following the Macron victory in France. And US stocks were pretty much unchanged, but Japan’s Nikkei jumped 2.3% yesterday after being closed for three days. ASX SPI traders have priced the local market 5 points up but don’t expect a lot of courage on show just 12 hours out from the Budget. The ABS has retail sales at 11:30am AEST and the Aussie is struggling, down 0.42% at US73.8 cents.

4. A famous artist once asked the question: “Where will we be in 50 years?” But because the answer for half of us is “dead”, we came up with something much more interesting. What will humans look like in 1000 years, according to science? This.

5. “Raising capital” is the new “selling chunks of your company”. Except cooler, because it’s startups. And it means Australian businesses are actually getting loads of cash to get moving, instead of being refused small amounts from the bank. Here are the 10 biggest deals inked by our startups in the past year, starting at $US15 million – an amount unheard of when Business Insider Australia started up.

6. Also cool in tech was Blade Runner, back in 1981. And this morning, we got the first full trailer for the follow-up, Blade Runner 2049, starring Rick Deckard and some lamp post with abs known as Ryan Gosling:

That was all a bit… underwhelming.

7. Trump staffers reportedly took took secret documents out of a secure facility. His penthouse is actually just a third as big as he says it is. His tax cuts probably won’t help business after all. His immigration ban has fights erupting all over the place. But really, all you want to see is this video of him in 2014 driving his Rolls Royce, with Barron riding shotgun, listening to Taylor Swift. As far as headline-grabbers go, no US president has come close to Donald Trump.

8. Something about Apple, something about Microsoft. Here’s why Microsoft fans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for a Surface Pro 5, but can be happy that Cortana is getting her own smart speaker to compete with Amazon’s Echo. And Apple’s value popped above $US800 for the first time after one analyst said it’s headed for $1 trillion.

9. Vinicius Junior is 16 and has scored 19 goals in 22 appearances with Brazil’s under-17 side. That’s why his release clause from Rio de Janieiro club Flamengo was worth $44 million. But Real Madrid has reportedly stumped up $72 million to blag him on his 18th birthday. Never mind the finish, check out the afterburners:

10. Yesterday, we watched the US military’s X-37B space plane land at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, ending its record-breaking 718-day orbit with a sonic boom. That’s four space stints for a total of 2085 days in orbit from a reusable spacecraft. Here are all the things we haven’t a clue about what it’s actually for, or doing up there.

BONUS ITEM: Hey Playboy model, get out of the way of the 100-year-old bike race:

Have a great day.

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