10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Gender attitudes, circa 2016. Picture: AICD

Good morning.

1. To markets and a March rate rise is virtually a lock when the US Fed meets tomorrow next week after ADP private payrolls data smashed analyst expectations. Treasuries are tumbling, 10-years are up and the US dollar has taken off again. Obviously, that’s sent the Aussie to a six-week low. The ASX went nowhere yesterday and is set for a weak opening with SPI Futures down 19 points. Iron ore’s price slide is gathering pace.

2. Bet you didn’t see this coming in 2012:

Google’s Android is oh-so-close to being the preferred OS of choice when it comes to getting online. That’s a sore statistic for Microsoft to deal with, but given all the iHype at the time, how many people would have chosen Apple to have been the one applying the pressure in 2017? All people.

3. Sorry hippies. Humans have been eating meat for 50,000 years, have always eaten meat, and your studies that say we’re historically vegetarians are fake news. We have the dental plaque to prove it.

4. International Women’s Day is wrapping up worldwide and by far the best awareness campaign goes to State Street Global Advisors, who secured a month-long spot for a statue of a defiant little girl to face off against Wall Street’s Charging Bull:

Picture: Getty Images

Here’s why she’s taken to wearing a pink pussy hat. But hats off also to the Australian Institute of Company Directors who got nine successful female directors to read out feedback on whether there should be more women in Australian boardrooms, “Mean Tweets” style. Sadly, feedback such as “women talk too much” came from the AICD’s 2016 survey.

5. Cities are more evil than you think. Or city planners and architects are. Here are five sneaky things you might not have noticed about seats, footpaths and cameras that cities use to manipulate the way you behave.

6. Tony Robbins is on a mission to make as many people as financially literate as possible, starting by interviewing 50 of the top financial minds in the US. In his new book, “Unshakeable”, Robbins declares:

“I’ve met a lot of extraordinary people over the years, but I’ve never met anyone smarter than Ray.”

That’s Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund. Here are all the ways he blew Robbins’ mind.

7. There’s a fair chance that these three words are the first three words Luke Skywalker speaks in “The Last Jedi” after that comically long, overblown stare-off at the end of “The Force Awakens”. Actually, save your clicks. It’s “Who are you?”

8. A spoilt celebrity flies across the country for special “treatment”. Someone is pinged for allegedly gambling on their own poor performance. A woman is paid $50,000 to abort a player’s child. Yes, the NRL is back. Here’s your round 2 preview and to hoping we actually get to concentrate on some football this year.

9. Does the top of your Tinder screen look like this:

Tinder select exclusive dating app_103/RedditIt looks like this.

If so, you’re in the secret Tinder club for millionaires, models and celebrities. Jelly.

10. The coolest job in the world, literally. NASA scientists are about to create the coldest spot in the universe, so they can forge a bizarre form of matter inside it. Everyone else, get back to your desks.

BONUS ITEM: Eric Abetz on International Womens Day and why he reckons The Queen is Best Woman:

Eric, you’re an idiot.

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