10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

World gone mad. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. We need to talk about Hillary. The US presidential nominee’s health has been a target for Donald Trump since day one of the campaign. As recently as 10 days ago, he was happy to compare medical records:

But questions about Clinton’s health go back some four years, when she was hospitalised for a blood clot caused by a concussion she suffered in a fall. Her 30-day stay in hospital and sudden fondness for sunglasses prompted Republican advisor Karl Rove to begin the constant line of questioning that is unlikely to let up now this has happened:

Clinton’s campaigners say she “overheated” at the 9/11 memorial service, which is understandable – it’s still around 26C in the New York early autumn. And while doctors just admitted Clinton’s prolonged cough has led to pneumonia, and she just needs some rest, the Democrats will no doubt face some curly questions this week.

2. To markets and finally, some action in the US where after 40 sessions, the S&P 500 finally broke out of its <1% trading range. And it was a solid drop, too - 2.45% at the close Friday as the odd Fed speaker suddenly started hinting a September hike wasn't impossible. SPI traders hit the sell button and September futures are down 79 points after Friday’s 47-point fall and the Aussie dollar posted its largest fall since Brexit.

3. This week in data. In Australia, according to the NAB, it’s Thursday’s labour force data for August which “is the most market sensitive”. They’re expecting a big beat. Business conditions are out Tuesday following a speech by RBA assistant governor Chris Kent. Big releases in the US this week are Retail Sales Thursday and CPI Friday as well as the usual raft of Fed speakers coming and going. It’s an important week for China, a lot of Brexit information coming out of the UK and an expected bumper GDP result from New Zealand on Thursday. It’s all here in Greg McKenna’s diary.

4. Where were you on September 11? While an increasingly depressing number of readers say “daycare” every year, the rest of us can pinpoint the moment hijacked planes flew into the World Trade twin towers and the Pentagon. Ari Fleischer had the box seat. He was George W Bush’s press secretary at the time, and each year, he shares a different play-by-play account of how it unfolded for the US president:

Here’s this year’s extraordinary account.

5. Forget the polls. If you want to know who’ll win the next election, listen to the punters. Punters like Paul Krishnamurty, who is currently the chief analyst at Betfair and has made well over $40,000 this year from a handful of small bets. He thought the Brexit outcome was a “goldmine” and backed Jeremy Corbyn to take over Labor when Corbyn was still a 24 to 1 long shot. Here’s how he does it.

6. In the football, and it’s goodbye to the Kangaroos, West Coast, the Gold Coast Titans and Canterbury Bulldogs. On a two-week break are Geelong, GWS, the Sharks and the Storm. Here are this week’s sudden death matches:


  • 1st semi-final: 7.50pm Friday at the MCG – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs
  • 2nd semi-final: 7.25pm Saturday at the SCG – Sydney v Adelaide
  • NRL

  • 1st semi-final: 7.55pm Friday at 1300SMILES Stadium – North Queensland Cowboys v Brisbane Broncos
  • 2nd semi-final: 7.45pm Saturday at GIO Stadium – Canberra Raiders v Penrith Panthers
  • And American football kicked off. Blink and you’ll miss this miracle pass from Aaron Rodgers as he was dragged down:

    7. Bottled water is the marketing trick of the century. While the treatment and filtration processes which create tap water must be made fully transparent, no such regulations apply to bottled water. Yet people will pay 2000 times more for bottled water they “trust”. And here’s why Coke and Pepsi’s future depends on maintaining that incredibly lucrative ruse.

    8. Mondays are… difficult. Not that we don’t love our work, but there are very few people out there don’t want to spend more sunny days with friends and family. But the start of the working work didn’t always have such a bad rap. Here’s a great history lesson on why, until a couple of hundred years ago, people loved Monday.

    9. And if you thought your day was busy, it isn’t… compared to a single day on board the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis. Here it all is, in one brilliant time-lapse video:

    10. As silly as they look, Apple’s wireless earbuds are, in at least one way, a welcome step forward for a world addicted to screen time. Here’s how they’ll pair with Siri and – hopefully – allow you to keep your iPhone in your pocket a whole lot more of the time.

    BONUS ITEM: Everyone has a twin, somewhere. Even the incomparable Steve Harvey:

    Have a great Monday.

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