10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Cooler than you. Picture: Bill Gates/reddit

Good morning.

1. At 1am, Samsung let all the journalists in the world off their leashes and said they were allowed to write things about the new Galaxy S7. So reviews have all been flooding in this morning, and they’re all hugely upbeat about the chance a “perfect” phone is finally on shelves. But Harry Tucker’s review is best, because it shows why you’re better off taking pics of cats with the S7:

Picture: Harry Tucker

Than you are with an iPhone 6S:

Picture: Harry Tucker

Read it here.
Then read why the iPhone is still better.

2. Get your best polling day outfits ready. Here’s why July 2 is firming as the date Malcolm Turnbull will pick for an election.

3. To the markets, where Australia is still getting dragged around the park by basketcase traders who panicked into uber-bearishness at the start of the year, then charged back in last week at the sniff of some cash coming back into the market, and are now trying to find some sensible ground. After all Monday’s wins, crude oil collapsed 4% overnight, copper dropped 3% and iron ore futures in the US fell 4%, so the ASX fell just short of resistance yesterday. The March SPI 200 is down 20 points, 0.4%, but Greg McKenna reckons things could get much worse by the close of trade.

4. So yes, the crazy iron ore rally has taken a breather. But the Aussie’s holding up at 0.7440.

5. Have breakfast with us, meet some people, and maybe learn a few things about data. We’ve got business breakfasts in Melbourne on March 17th and Sydney on March 22nd, which we’re putting on with the good people at Microsoft. There’ll be some short presentations from CEOs like Vinomofo’s Justin Dry and Klaus Bartosch of 1st Available about how they use data across their businesses every day, as well as insights from some of PwC’s data stars. You can sign up here for Melbourne and here for Sydney. Get in there.

6. Stories about collapsing unicorns will soon become the norm, but it will take something special for any of them to be juicier than the collapse of Powa. Once valued at $US2.7 billion, it raised $US220m in the past three years, yet stopped paying staff in January. Administrators took over and ousted CEO Dan Wagner, which was when the fun began. We’ve now heard rumours Wagner’s dad was on the board of directors, someone keeps editing his Wiki page to make him look better, and he parked his Rolls Royce in the disabled spot. Today, Powa’s CFO is circulating this email allegedly sent by the 52-year-old Wagner after David Bowie died:

Of course, none of this would raise the slightest smile on the faces of any of 160 staff under Wagner, or the 1200 clients who hadn’t signed contracts with the company. Oh, startups.

7. Bill Gates hosted his fourth “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit overnight, and treated us to a recreation of his famous high school yearbook photo as well as admitting there was one problem in the world he will never be able to solve. This.

8. There’s a few modern status symbols that have snuck into our affluent lives. People who vacuum and wipe your house under the guise of “cleaners”, Thermomixes and grocery delivery. All are completely unnecessary, but we justify them by saying they “give us time to do things with the kids”, which we then never do and instead sneak off to a second job so we can buy a bigger house which needs more cleaners. But HSBC is betting on us losing at least one of those things – it reckons grocery deliveries are vastly overrated and secretly, we would all rather buy cheap stuff off the shelf at Aldi.

9. The differences between successful and unsuccessful people are vast and numerous. But here are 10 shared by Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local and author of “The Art of People”, which you might be able to work with.

10. Somewhere in the world, it’s still International Women’s Day. But no one told the Dalai Lama, who reckons a female Dalai Lama will have to be attractive, “otherwise not much use”.

BONUS ITEM: Brace yourselves. Season 6 is coming. Here’s the first full trailer:
Have a great day.

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