10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Today’s biggest issue.

It’s time.

1. America is voting, right now. The winner won’t be called until around 3pm after voting closes on the west coast, but we’ll get some key indicators before then. The first big exit polls will come at 11am from New Hampshire and Virginia, with Florida closing at midday. At 1pm, if it looks like Trump can grab Wisconsin, you know it will be a tight race.

And if Trump loses, will it be the last we see of Trump? He promised that in April, but he also told Fox News that the fight is unlikely to be over today and noted problems with automated voting machines which refused to let people vote for Trump. And he’s already filed a lawsuit against Nevada officials for keeping booths open three hours late.

Until then, here’s some highlights of our coverage so far:

And here’s something you won’t see on an Australian election day – lines of trucks filled with sand protecting people from bomb blasts aimed at candidates:

2. Markets are still pricing in a Clinton win, but the real reason they’re happy about it is a bit tragic. Greg McKenna reckons it’s because Wall Street knows Clinton will be largely ineffective as US President. Stocks around the globe are up, and the ASX is looking to follow suit, with SPI traders putting the December contract up 31 points. The Aussie is at the top of its 3-month range this morning around 0.7750 and looking strong, but iron ore is stronger.

3. In that other election a year ago, Bill Clinton had something very strong to say about British Labour picking Jeremy Corbyn as its leader:

“…they reached the interesting conclusion that they lost because they’d hadn’t moved far left enough, so they went out and practically got a guy off the street to be leader”

Here’s the leaked email in which Clinton calls Corbyn “the maddest person in the room”.

4. World gone mad. Banks won’t accept cash. At least, Citibank won’t, and it’s the first Australian bank to make it official.

5. More future, and Victorian expat Tim Kentley-Klay is making a splash in Silicon Valley after another round of funding took the startup he co-founded to a US$1.55 billion valuation. Which is impressive, given no one knows exactly what Zoox does, only that it has something to do with this 2013 pic:

Zoox concept graphic from 2013 (source: Zoox/Eletric Vehicle News)

Meanwhile, one group following through on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop idea has revealed details of how its system will work in Dubai.

6. If all that no cash and no cars business – and a certain US electoral outcome – just makes you want to crawl under the bed for the rest of your life, best look away now:

A photo posted by Dmitry Isaev (@bartokizh) on

Toblerone turned evil

7. If you’re evil in India, you might not get caught – but you will struggle to spend your big bucks. Especially your 500 and 1000 rupee notes, because Indian PM Narendra Modi surprised everyone by making them illegal overnight in a bid to fight corruption. People have 50 days to trade in their now worthless notes – as long as they have their ID with them. Genius.

8. Prince Harry is dating actress Meghan Markle. That’s official, but only because Harry felt he had to step in to defend her from ugly articles in the Daily Mail and the wave of racial and sexual abuse the couple are copping on Twitter. Kensington Palace even tweeted an official statement discussing “social media trolls”:

9. Here’s exactly how many times you should follow up after a job interview. Exactly.

10. Drones are becoming a bit of a problem, with places like prisons and airports reporting increasing incursions. But they are at least limited, by technology and regulation, to flying within line of sight. Until now, when this Bill Gates-backed startup says it’s got a little box that can ensure your drone can dodge obstacles that you can’t see. Set destination, and forget. That kind of thing makes this kind of drone protection solution offered by ASX-listed DroneShield much more attractive.

BONUS ITEM: Fish 1, fish killer 0:

Have a great day. God Bless America.