10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

And for his next trick, a bigger company than Google. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. Here’s the score so far:

1. Google’s founders just hit a massive reset button on their business. As in a proper reset, starting with turning Google into a subsidiary of a bigger company called “Alphabet”. Larry Page is CEO of Alphabet. Sergey Brin, Google’s other cofounder, is the president of Alphabet. And Sundar Pichai is now CEO of Google. Here’s why this is the biggest news right now.

2. The local market saw some solid moves in the banks yesterday. The ANZ picked up 1.53% to close at $30.60, the NAB was up 1.52% to $33.32, Westpac 1.02% to $32.68 and the Commonwealth 1.03% to $82.14. Futures are up 36 points today, with traders having respected the bottom of the trendline which stretches back to 2012 once again, and there’s a solid rally in base metals, so it could be another good day on the market.

3. Shanghai! It’s back, for a day at least, with 4.93% rally in stocks. That’s what we saw yesterday and David Scutt reckons hopes of stimulus contributed to the rally but also reports of “additional reforms to Chinese state-owned enterprises may have been the catalyst to spark the acceleration in buying momentum”. The main outcome was authorities reminded traders that even if you think the market is going lower, you don’t want to be caught in a bear market rally. Especially when China’s government is the largest player.

4. On the data front today, the NAB’s business survey is out. David Scutt has all you need to know about that before it drops at 11.30am AEST.

5. The Emperor. Koreans saw a trailer for new Star Wars flick “The Force Awakens”, but it was just a mashup of the two trailers already released. It does, however, start with a brief look at a new scene which features two points of interest. Well, to Star Wars nerds:

That might be the new Emperor, who might be “Supreme Leader Snoke”, who might be played by Gollum – Andy Serkis. And off to the right, you’ll see the upgraded AT-ATs, which hopefully can now withstand being hit by an Ewok log trap.

6. China is reaching Peak Worker. Since way before the 90s, China has had one huge economic advantage over the rest of the world – year after year, the number of people of working age increased. That’s a key area for economic growth, because more people working means more money being earned. So that makes this new chart from Morgan Stanley a bit of an eye-opener:

Jim Edwards has the rundown on what that actually means from here on in.

7. There’s plenty of work, though, to be done in stealing governing parts of the South China Sea. Building sand islands on reefs seems a little flakey, so why not just build artificial floating ones? So far, China has yet to start construction on any Very Large Floating Structures (VLFSs) but they’re basically huge LEGO sets that lock together to form piers, military bases, or even floating airports. And they’re coming soon, according to Navy Recognition.

8. Your second home could be in any number of exotic foreign locations, at any time of the year. And cost as little as $50,000. That’s if you’re willing to share it with a couple of hundred bingo-playing shuffleboarders on a “residential yacht”. You can join the queue for one of 200 right now on luxury ocean liner “The World”, but the trend is catching on and two more, “The Utopia” and “The Marquette” are launching within a year.

9. Life in space. We’re headed for Mars, but what will we eat when we get there? Lettuce, for starters. Astronauts on the ISS will today chow down on the first veggies grown in space, where the fact there’s no gravity obviously causes problems. But clever people found a way to grow them on “pillows”, with the added bonus of tending a garden being good for the lonely astronauts’ mental state as well.

10. Your hidden talents are, because they’re hidden, hard to identify. You might come across as “preachy”, when actually, you’re good at “mentoring”. See? Use this simple chart to point them out for you, and start playing to your strengths.

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